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President's Message

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Desiree Bombenon

Respectfully submitted:  Desiree Bombenon, President



Listen to Desiree

President's Message

Education Committee Update

Respectfully submitted by Gloria Tonne

Committee Chair


Hello Everyone,

Spring is in the air; the geese are flying overhead, and I've almost committed to putting away my winter coat for the year. 

I am reminded of how important being outside is to my mindset and as the quote by Ben Palmer-Fry explains, “Nature breeds curiosity; it helps to grow explorers rather than robots. It reminds us that we are part of something bigger. It grounds us, calms us.”

With the spring COACH U fast approaching April 12-14th, I'd like to speak to everyone passionate about educating people to consider joining us as a presenter for a webinar, future COACH U clinics or reaching out to become active with the Education Committee - your insight and fresh perspective is what keeps us relevant and impactful.


What is the Education Committee all about? It’s about:

  • Industry wide members who have the common goal of the importance and benefit of education in the workplace

  • Providing opportunities for those who are passionate about the quality of content that is shared within the industry

  • Developing relationships within CAMX membership and learning from each other

  • Mentoring the up-and-coming new generations through the benefits of working with committees


More importantly, what’s in it for me? You can:

  • Make a difference

  • Grow your skill set

  • Work with many like-minded people in the industry. 

  • Challenge yourself and develop your presentation and planning skills. 

  • and heck, even have a great time meeting new friends while you're doing it. 


If you'd like to know more or have a great idea for a webinar, please reach out to Linda at

Photo Gloria Tonne 2018.png

Gloria Tonne


Member Spotlight
Nicole Coleman,
Intercon Messaging,
Drayton Valley, AB

Photo Nicole Coleman.jpg
CAM-X News





Respectfully submitted by Linda Osip, Executive Director


Mentoring Leadership Development Program

Ten sessions in a 5 week period

Start Date to be announced soon

We are actively working on this project.  Details to follow!

Speakers and Topics:

Barbara Bradbury               Understanding and loving our differences

Pat Vos                              Leadership vs Management

Gail Smit                           Treat your people better than you want your people to treat your

                                        clients and their callers

Holvie Senosier                  Emotional Intelligence

Cindy Roma                       Life-Long Learning

Deborah Anders                 Be the Change You Want to See

Trish McMaster                   Personal Responsibility

Nadine Sans-Cartier           Building Relationships

Gloria Tonne                      GSD, (the book title is Get Stuff Done) + compassion

Pat Vos                             Power Thinking, building new neural pathways

COACH U Registration Open!

Line up of Hot Topics

COACH U Leadership Training    Spring 2022

Theme:  No Looking Back – Forward We Go!


Tuesday, April 12

1:00 – 1:05pm       Opening remarks

1:05 – 2:00pm       How to keep remotes engaged and working effectively from home

                             Speaker:   Kelly Cammack,  Apollo Answering Service

2:05 – 3:00pm       Encouraging Employee Involvement

                             Speakers:  Angela Globensky & Jenna Harris, Extend Communications

3:05 – 4:00pm       Networking Break Out Rooms

Wednesday, April 13

1:00 – 2:00pm       Creative Communication:  Dealing with irate callers

                             Speaker:  Robyn Ash, Telelink 

2:05 – 3:00pm       Employee Needs, Creating growth & fostering a culture of understanding

                             Speaker:  Cassie Murphy, AnswerPlus

3:05 – 4:00pm       Networking Break Out Rooms


Thursday, April 14

1:00-1:05               Ice Breaker

1:05 – 2:00            Harassment Session with Angel Sumka

2:05 – 3:00            Multi Generations in the Call Centre – Listening Skills

                             Speakers:  Marley Toy, Alliance Wireless, Miakay-Michaud, i24 Call                                         Management, Quinton Flinders & Diana Ford, Extend Communications

3:05 – 4:00            Networking Break Out Room

Would you like to become more involved with CAM-X?

We are looking for committee members for all committees and we would love to see new faces involved in webinars and COACH U as a speaker or panelist.  This is an opportunity to GROW yourself.  There are some pretty cool people who are waiting to meet you and help in your career evolution.  Email me and I'll hook you up! 


*Recordings of all webinars are available email

Pre Employment Software Update:

We are actively working to add Personality Profiling as an option

camx_csr LOGO.jpg

 Show your staff they are worthy: 

CSR and Supervisor Certification

camx_supervisor LOGO.jpg

Pre Employment Testing Demo Available

Contact for instructions

Two Grey Suits

Two Grey Suits 
Tune Up Your Team for Action

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.41.59 PM.png

This article is part of the TwoGreySuits Managing Employee Performance Series and is offered by our partner, TwoGreySuits as a service to our members.


Keeping your employees motivated should be a key strategy for running your business today, and more importantly, for the future. Here is how we suggest you can do this:



Compensation -- The first thing we usually think of to motivate employees is compensation (money and benefits). It is one of the main issues people consider when deciding to join an organization. However, recent studies suggest that money is well down the list of things that are important to employees these days. However, it is still very important to know where you are paying relative to market, because employees paid well below market are at risk of leaving.
New employees are motivated by the challenges of their new job and the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to prove their worth to their new boss. Existing employees who are well entrenched in their position may be less inclined to apply themselves as much to their tasks and responsibilities. They know they won’t be seeing an increase in pay anytime soon. Therefore, you need to find additional ways to motivate employees. Here are 8 other ways employers can motivate their staff:

Management Training -- Make sure managers are well trained. The number one reason why an employee quits their job is unhappiness with their manager (supported by extensive research). Exit interviews may not reveal this, but it is true! Poor people management is poor business! Give your managers the training to effectively motivate and develop employees.


Goal Setting/Challenge– Employees want to have goals for which they can strive. They want to know what are the employer’s expectations and their specific responsibilities…and they want their performance to be evaluated accordingly. They earn a sense of accomplishment when they reach these goals. Setting goals is often overlooked as a way to motivate employees. If the job is very routine, it can become de-motivating and uninspiring, resulting in low morale and higher turnover rates. It is also important is to avoid setting unattainable goals. They don’t work because employees will develop a sense of helplessness, which is de-motivating. Good managers will properly challenge employees and help them become more competent as they reach their goals.

Continuous Improvement – When you give employees the opportunity to continue their learning (on the job or by taking courses or attending seminars), they are more likely to achieve their full potential and strive towards new goals and aspirations. 

Respect – The Golden Rule applies at work -- treat your employees the way you would want someone to treat you: be courteous, professional, considerate and fair. A high standard of workplace behavior will help to retain the best employees. 

Equality – Ensure managers treat their employees equally regardless of their gender, marital status, job title and status, etc. Adhere to the relevant provincial or federal employment standards acts to avoid non-compliance issues. Ensure you have an updated HR Policy guide so all employees and managers know the meaning of equality in the workplace.

Tools and Resources – Make sure employees have all the necessary tools to do their job effectively. This may involve supplying the latest technology or simply giving them a better work station with adequate lighting. The proper tools and resources will go a long way to stimulate better employee performance. Many companies underestimate this.

Feedback and Recognition – This is very effective and costs nothing! Sometimes just a simple comment such as “Great job!” or “I appreciate your input and feedback” can go a long way to keep employees motivated. Make employees feel appreciated and valued for their efforts and opinions. 

Listen to Employees – Allow employees the opportunity to share their opinions and make their voices heard. After all, these are the individuals who are supporting your company from the ground up. They deserve the chance to share their viewpoints. 

While many employees are self-motivated, the above suggestions will help to boost someone who requires it. Implementing various retention and incentive programs within your workforce will help employees to maintain a high level of motivation.  Although receiving a salary, health benefits and vacation time off is sufficient motivation for some employees, in the long run you can find other ways to continually inspire and motivate employees. With these simple techniques you can help your employees to stay energized and enthusiastic about their work. Companies that are successful in the future will have figured this out.

ONE FINAL WORD.  Giving employees positive and constructive feedback can truly motivate them to strive for success. The absence of feedback gives an employee the feeling that you don’t care about them, or that everything is OK, which may not be the case. Communicate well, and you shall be rewarded!

TwoGreySuits is a leading-edge provider of on-line human resource management information, processes, tools and forms servicing the North American market. They have integrated the HR practices associated with the key drivers of Employee Engagement within the well-organized information on the website.


To login as a user:

  • Enter your email address and Password CAMX01

  • If you are not currently signed up, please email me directly


The TGS System is a one-of-a-kind product that includes:


  • The HR Power Centre for dealing with the day-to-day people management issues that inevitably arise

  • 24/7 HR Hot Line

  • Topical regular Blogs suitable for reprinting by the Association members

Member Spotlight


Convention Committee Report

Convention 2022

Respectfully submitted by Brad French, Convention Chair


No looking back, forward we go!

This year’s CAM-X convention which will be held in Kingston Ontario from September 26th-29th.  The agenda is being finalized and will be published as soon as it is complete.

So far, we have topics on:

  • Motivating your team

  • Mental Health

  • Employee Engagement

  • Agent / Supervisor panel

  • Cyber security

  • Future think speakers

Don’t forget that COACH U will be held just before convention allowing our supervisors to learn from our keynote speaker and attend the awards luncheon. 

Registration Opening Soon!  Stay Tuned!

I look forward to seeing everyone!  Mark your calendars now!

Photo Brad French Sept 2020.jpg

Brad French

Kingston Photo.jpg

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston aerial view.jpg
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