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Our History

CAM-X is a not-for-profit member-driven Association. The needs and concerns of the Call Centre and TAS industry are at the forefront of all CAM-X activities. CAM-X is a cohesive group of concerned business people dedicated to helping owners and managers increase their business markets, profits, and opportunities.


For our members:

  • CAM-X represents the industry in regulatory issues with industry and governing bodies including the CRTC, Public Utility Boards and Telephone Companies. CAM-X provides regular seminars to improve service, exchange ideas and to meet technological enhancements.

  • CAM-X develops working committees to provide a vantage viewpoint of our industry on communications issues.

  • TAAC (Telephone Answering Association of Canada 1964-85)

  • CAM-X (Canadian Association of Message Exchanges, Inc. 1985-00)

  • CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association 2001)

Founded in 1964, the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) is an industry trade Association representing Call Centres and Telephone Answering Service companies across North America, offering specialized and enhanced operator-based services including; Call Centres, Contact Centres, Inbound Telemarketing (order entry), Text, SMS, Voice messaging, Emergency Dispatch, Faxing and Internet Services among others.

Past Presidents

Larry Arron, Ottawa 64/65                        

Gordon Leach, Kingston 65/66

George Leebosh, Montreal 66                  

Patrick J. Anglesey, Peterborough 66/68

Reg Lihou, Cornwall 68/69                       

Ralph Morton, Belleville 69/70

Hilton Lyons, Brantford 70/71                  

Flo Romiens, Windsor 71/72

Ron Ross, Ottawa 72/73                            

Wilf Rudd, Oakville 73/74

George McSweeney, Sarnia 74/75           

Mary Anglesey, Peterborough 75/78

Peter Foster, Brampton 78/79                 

George Cormier, London 79/80

Barbara Heffering, Oshawa 81/81          

Bruce Phillips, Barrie 81/82

Gus Halliday, Kamloops 82/83                 

G.E. “Ted” Moses, Kitchener 83/84

Donald Swift, Toronto 84/85                    

Paul Lloyd, Hamilton 85/86

Sam Boettcher, Red Deer 86/87               

Kathryn Hart, Toronto 87/88

Bill Tucker, Halifax 88/89                          

 Judy Craik, Peterborough 89/90

Ron Smith, Ottawa 90/91                         

Les Bidewell, Grande Prairie 91/92

Sue Coetzee, Toronto 92/93                     

Scott Lyons, Brantford 93/94                 

Casey Smit, Abbotsford 94/95      

Linda Osip, Grimsby 95/96

Casey Smit, Abbotsford 96/97                 

David Rattray, Winnipeg 97/98

Geoff Laurin, Cornwall 98/99                   

Glenn Ruecker, Wetaskiwin 99/00

Kerry Paul 00/01                                        

Desiree Bombenon, Calgary 01/02

Barbara Bradbury, Hamilton 02/03         

Lillian (Lil) Lyle, Squamish 03/04

Cindy Roma, St.John’s 04/05                    

Pat Vos, Drayton Valley 05/06

Michael Leibowitz, Charleston 06/07      

Casey Smit, Abbotsford 07/08

Mary Anne Straw, Vancouver 08/09        

Gary Blair, Montreal 09/10

Tom Sheridan, Levittown 10/11               

Brad French, Kingston 11/12

Doug Swift, Oakville 12/13                         

Bill Tucker, Halifax 13/14

Debbie Iacovone, Abbotsford 14/15      

Michael Leibowitz, Charleston15/16

Dana Lloyd, Toronto 16/17                      

Dana Lloyd, Toronto 17/18

Pat Vos, Drayton Valley 18/19                  

Garrett Bidewell, Edmonton  19/20

Brad French, Kingston 20/21

Desiree Bombenon, Calgary 21/22                                   

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