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Pre-Employment Testing


Hire with confidence!


CAM-X’s Cloud Based, Pre-Employment testing software provides an effective means to filter applicants and reduce your overall hiring costs while testing for relevant skills necessary to succeed within our industry.

The Value of Pre-Employment Testing

"One thing we all need in this industry, is to hire qualified individuals. There are lots of tools out there to screen candidates, but the advantage of using CPET is that it relates directly to our industry."


Brianna Burke, Executive VP of Operations
Nationwide Inbound Inc.

Section 1

This section incorporates drag and drop fields to test alphanumeric skills.

Section 4
Time Zones

Geography, time zones and 24 hour clock are tested using calculation questions and multiple choice.

Section 2
Reading Comprehension

Two sentences are presented for 20 seconds. Applicants must answer true & false questions, type correct answers to  questions, or change buttons to display correct answers.

Section 5

Re-type text into boxes provided.

Section 3
Spelling and Grammar

Count grammatical and spelling errors in a paragraph presented and then fill in blanks with correct answers from multiple choice.

Section 6
Audio Comprehension
Message Taking
Call Handling

Applicants listen to calls,

recording information from a

sample call, answering a series of true or false questions, and writing a short response about call handling.

Kindra Fox, Direct Line Teleresponse

As a hiring manager at Direct Line Teleresponse, I have found the C-Pet pre-employment testing to be an invaluable resource in our recruitment process. When hiring for call center positions, it is essential that candidates possess the necessary basic skills to perform the job effectively. However, it can be challenging to determine these skills from resumes or interviews alone.

That is why we rely on the C-Pet test to pre-screen candidates before inviting them for open interviews. The test evaluates visual and audio typing abilities, as well as other basic skill sets, providing us with an accurate assessment of each candidate's capabilities. The test is straightforward to assign to candidates, and the results are emailed as soon as they are complete, making the process quick and efficient.

Thanks to the C-Pet test, we can ensure that we are inviting only the most qualified candidates for further interviews, saving us time and resources while also increasing the likelihood of hiring successful call center employees. Overall, I highly recommend the C-Pet pre-employment testing as a useful resource for any call center hiring manager looking to streamline their recruitment process and ensure they are hiring the best candidates for their team.

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