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Kingston, ON 
September 26 - 29, 2022

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Keynote Topic: Recognition: The Solution to the Great Resignation 

You’re not losing your best people to the competition. A bump in pay won’t stop the turnover floodgates. Gone are the days you have too many resumes. The Great Resignation is here.
Microtrends have collided to create confusion about how to retain today’s workforce. The good news is, employees’ needs haven’t changed… they’ve just started voicing it louder as they stomp out the door. Are you listening?

Welcome to the Age of the Employee Experience.
Are you looking to cultivate some serious FOMO (fear of missing out) with anyone, not in your team? Are you ready to reimagine the most delicious workplace that makes everyone feel more personally and professionally satisfied?

The solution has been there all along: recognition. Let’s turn today’s turnover tsunami into a comeback story; let’s make it so brag-worthy it will impress the heck out of your board, the HR industry, and even your mama.

Get ready to banish exit interviews, redeploy your recruiters, and free up your leaders. After all, no one ever left a job because they were too appreciated.

  • Workshop hosted by Sarah McVanel and Dana Lloyd (AnswerPlus) Where Have All the Good Ones Gone 


  • Awards Luncheon!

  • Agent Panel:  Hosted by Jennifer Ferby

  • Networking Breakout Session

  • Pub Crawl:  FUN times in Kingston!

  • Employee Engagement Session:  Jennifer Gaumond                                                                  

  • Keynote:  Margaret Trudeau Celebrated Canadian | Mental Health Advocate

  • Includes book signing for all delegates)


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  • IT & Security:  Bill Hughes & Friends - A relevant and engaging session about Keeping up with the complexity of change                                                                                                        

  • Closing Keynote:  Dr. Stephen W. Thomas:  Big Data & AI

  • Dr. Thomas is a professor and researcher at Smith School of                                                Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada.                                                        He is also the Executive Director of the school’s Analytics and                                                  AI Ecosystem, an award-winning hub for research, teaching,                                                  and collaboration in applied analytics and artificial intelligence.                                                                                                               

  • Gala Dinner on the  Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises

Sarah McVanel

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No applicants, new hires not lasting through onboarding, turnover within first six months of being hired. Have we ever, as an industry, seen such a turnover tsunami and talent drought? So what can we do about it? Where have all the good staff gone? (And are they even out there?) In this breakout, learn about how AnswerPlus took their staffing crisis as an opportunity to reimagine and reinvent their talent journey. By taking a big picture view of the employee experience, they were then able to put in place specific, concrete, practical, energizing, and successful micro-tweaks in the early phases of an employee's journey with the company. Not only were their much-needed gains, but this work also fueled an excitement to reinvented and reintroduce strategic people practices. If you want to explore how you, too, could create a short and long-term approach to workforce planning in the age of "The Great Resignation", join Dana and Sarah to learn, discuss, and explore what is possible. 

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