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CAM-X Award of Excellence Plus

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The AOE Plus program is focused on the other half of the call, or, the outbound portion.  In practical terms, the client experience.


This is the important factor to keep in mind because now more than ever the perception of our clients about the quality of our product is based primarily on their direct experience with our dispatchers, and in a growing number of cases, simply on the written messages we email, text and otherwise send off to them.

Our Description of Excellence

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Excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call. Excellence makes a caller believe they are the most important person (or their problem is the most important consideration to your call agent / CSR).


How the agent handles every call, from beginning to end determines the success of your client relationship and the level of repeat business. No matter what is happening in your office on any given day, the caller should never believe your agent is too busy to give them the best service.

The Word Winner

When you choose to participate, you have already won.

When you demonstrate to your agents that you believe that they’re good enough to take home the Award… THEY WIN.

When you coach your agents in the skills that will help them to bring home the Award? YOUR CLIENTS WIN.

CAM-X Award Of Excellence
Program Overview

Your service quality CAN be measured! The CAM-X Award of Excellence Plus Program is the tool you need to ensure the professional level of quality your clients demand.

  • How accurately we respect the individual steps in the message delivery process.

  • How accurately we respect the established time lines in delivering the message, step by step, until the message is handed off.

  • The accuracy of our written messages, ie, grammar and spelling.

  • The accuracy of the summary of the caller issue as recorded by the agent.

  • The accuracy of how well messages are relayed orally as compared to the summary of the caller issue as recorded by the agent.

  • The proper self-identification of the dispatcher to the on call.

  • The professionalism and manners of the dispatcher.

  • The WOW factor on the outbound side.


When payment and registration documents are received, the CAM-X office will send you a link and codes to enter your client profile information. Please ensure that the person(s) responsible for administering the program in your organization understands the guidelines provided.


Award recipients receive a logo indicating the year and level of achievement which can be used on company and promotional materials. Logos remain the property of CAM-X and must not be shared or altered.

  • Successful participants may refer to their company as a recipient of the CAMX Award of Excellence for any advertising, marketing, and promotion within 12 months following the announcement by CAM-X.

  • Successful participants with multiple offices must recognize the office that earned the award ONLY - The year(s) in which the participant was successful MUST be referenced.

  • Non-members must cease from using any reference to the Awards program - If a non-member rejoins CAM-X, the program starts from the beginning.

  • Top score recipients agree to allow CAM-X to use recorded calls for future training materials i.e., TOP TEN Calls audio files.

  • Advertising must reflect the status of the program and must not contain misleading information.

  • Any reference to earning the award must include the year(s) earned and, if desired, the number of total years the company has received the Award.


  • Do not tell or show your staff which clients are involved in the program.

  • Do not mark the client accounts in any way.

  • Do not assign calls to specific staff members. These calls should be open to all agents who answer for similar customers on your service.

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