April 21, 22 & 23

Program Includes

Day 1:  Coping Strategies

  • Motivational Humorous Speaker:  Plug into your Humour


The multiple award-winning speaker and intuitive business

strategist, Zandra Bell, customizes inspirational hilarity specific

to workplace challenges and business objectives.

These presentations are strategically designed to unite and

empower staff while raising morale and productivity. 

  • Take Yourself Off Mute:  Coping Skills Panel

  • "Is this thing on?" TED TALK - Feedback conversations

  • "Let's Connect"  Round Table Networking

Day 2:  Logistics in this new world

  • Icebreaker - Where do you get your coffee?

  • Financial Literacy with Ray Wilson - Empowerment within your own home

  • Panel Zoom & Teams - most effective tools

  • Who Stole my Cheese?

  • Change Management:  Managing and Adapting

  • "Let's Connect"  Round Table Networking

Day 3:  Culture

  • Rewards, recognition in a virtual world / Employee Engagement


  • Panel:  Mental Health issues / recognizing flags

  • Round Table Networking



$105.00 Early Bird before April 9, 2021   $75.00

Five Logins:  

$400.00 Early Bird before April 9, 2021 $299.00

Ten Logins:   

$600.00 Early Bird before April 9, 2021 $499.00


COACH U 2019

Another year has passed and another amazing COACH U has enriched our lives. This year, we had amazing sessions that helped us build new skills that we will take back to our daily work lives and help us strengthen the organizations we serve.
Julianna Cantwell
Exceptional Leadership Workshop

Comments from the delegates:

“I really enjoyed this workshop.  It is immediately relevant to my daily tasks as a supervisor/manager.  I also found that Julianna spread out the topics in a smart way and had lots of activity breaks (group conversations etc) which helped to break it up and make sure it didn’t feel like a lecture.  It felt very interactive and engaging.” 

“I thought Julianna was wonderful and I walked away from the session feeling confident that I had the ability and now knowledge to be a better leader and confront feedback with others in a constructive way.”

“This was a great session.  I am already finding opportunities to put some concepts into practice.”


Learn more here:
Roundtable Networking
Delivering Disciplinary Type Feedback
With Leisa McDonald
Setting Goals for Self and Others: SMART Planning
With Gloria Tonne
Bud to Boss
With Leslie Wilson
Group 2
Group 3 large
Doug Swift
Culture in the Workplace

Doug shared with us the process and habits that produce a healthy work culture where people are happy to come to work and are able to find meaning and fulfillment in their work.

What the 2019 delegates had to say:


“The opportunity to network with my peers is so valuable to me.  I get inspired talking to others and listening to how they tackle particular issues in the call centre.  All of the leaders at each table did an amazing job!  Thank you!”

“This session was very thought provoking for me.  Doug is a wonderful speaker and story teller.  I loved that he shared the growth of culture in his own organization and what it meant to the staff and the whole team.”


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