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Learning and Sharing  Together

At CAM-X, we have several platforms for sharing information, asking question,, communicating with each other, and building meaningful relationships. Below are some of the platforms and channels that you can choose to participate in and register with.

Sounding Board

The Boost Newsletter

A big part of CAM-X is the cooperative, open nature of our membership. Our sounding board is a platform for spurring on conversation and exploring new ideas about our industry. Every month, we will have a new topic of discussion. We welcome your contribution of comments and ideas.

Stay up to date on upcoming events through The Boost, a monthly online newsletter that highlights the latest and greatest across the telephone answering service community.

April 2019

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Listserv Member Community

Take part in the conversation on our Listserv. This is a platform for learning, where our members can post questions, share insights, and collaborate in a responsive environment.

Join the Conversation

Conflict in the workplace – How do you deal with it & the sensitivity of the matter?

Sheila Jessup, Northern Communications

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