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President's Message

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Brad French

Respectfully submitted:  Brad French, President


Last week we had our first Board meeting of 2021.  I have to say that our agenda was jam packed with programming for our members.


So far this year we have had three webinars,

January 13th – Award of Excellence

January 19th – Award of Excellence Plus

January 27th – Mental Health "Let's Talk" with Larry Martichenko


Future webinars include:

February 3rd – Best practices for hiring and training in the remote world


February 10th – Conflict resolution, dealing with difficult callers / situations and empathy

February 17th – Customer Service, organization and communication

February 24th – Professionalism, socializing, bullying and self-motivation


We are also planning another CAM-X huddle.  Topics to include hiring and training in a remote environment, mental health, and a discussion of future topics for future webinars.  The date will be sent out shortly and I look forward to catching up with my CAM-X friends.


On top of this we will be running a virtual COACH U in April to reenergize our supervisors and agents.  While the agenda is still being set the list of potential topics is extensive and will be a great opportunity to learn and grow.  I strongly encourage you to get as many agents / supervisors to attend as possible.  Giving your team the opportunity to meet and learn from others in the industry is well worth the time and money.


We have also decided that we will be running another virtual convention this September.  While we would all rather have an in-person meeting, the financial risks of hosting an in-person meeting outweigh the benefits.  The good news is that our 2022 convention will be held in Kingston and I look forward to hosting everyone in my hometown.  It is also our goal to make Kingston a hybrid convention so that we can still share the content to a greater number of attendees.


I look forward to seeing you at our next CAM-X huddle!

President's Message
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Membership Engagement

Leslie Wilson

Mentorship, what is it?

Mentorship is a relationship between two people where the individual with more experience, knowledge, and connections is able to pass along what they have learned to a more junior individual within a certain field. (Wikipedia)


Being a mentor is a big responsibility. You are being looked upon for guidance and wisdom by someone that needs a boost up or wants to improve themselves. Providing emotional support and motivation. Setting goals for individuals and encouraging them to achieve those goals. Some people are meant to be mentors. It is natural for them and they do it exceptionally well.

That is our member spotlight for February. Nadine Sans Cartier has been a mentor to many and has done it extremely well. She is deserving to hold the Barbara Bradbury Mentoring award for 2020. Great Job Nadine and Congratulations. Read her story in our Member Spotlight.


If you would like to become a mentor or mentee please reach out to Linda Osip at

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Member Spotlight

Nadine Sans Cartier


Q. When did you join Intercon Messaging and what brought you into the Call Center industry?

I followed a few friends out to Drayton Valley, Alberta in January 2008.  I was coming from Guelph Ontario on a whim, with only a suitcase and no plans. Once I arrived, I started looking for employment. My friends suggested I apply at Intercon Messaging. They had moved to Drayton Valley, to pursue careers in the oil field and Pat (Vos), who you may know, was providing a program for people coming into Alberta to work. They had gotten to know people in the office and felt that I would fit in well. Little did they know, I would fall in love with this company.

I had never thought about a career in a call center. In fact, I never really knew what a call center did. In my naivety I thought it had something to do with telemarketing. I wasn’t too keen on that, but a job is a job, or so I thought. I am so glad that I was wrong, and I am so glad that I applied because working for Intercon Messaging has made me who I am today.

 Q. Can you tell us a little more about the evolution of your career path with Intercon Messaging.

After about 6 months of working in the office and learning to type with all my fingers, I was offered to help with Call Quality. I never say no to a challenge, so I jumped in with both feet. I learned quickly that this was something I would be doing for a long time. I was eventually given all the responsibilities, which included coaching staff on calls. One of the things I loved the most and still do is hearing people progress and improve. There is no better feeling then telling someone they got 100% on a call and seeing the joy on their face, or as a remote, hearing it in their voice.


Q. What was your first CAM-X experience?

The first time I was introduced to CAM-X, other than using the scoring sheet, was at a conference I attended. This was over 10 years ago so I can’t remember much, but I do remember how fun it was. I also remember being nervous. Everything was still very new to me. Not only was it the first time going to a conference, but it was the first time going away with co-workers, so I felt I needed to be on my best behaviour.


I quickly learned there was no reason for these feelings. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I felt more then comfortable being my crazy, outgoing self. Now CAM-X feels like a family. I look forward to COACH U every year and catching up with everyone. I look forward to learning new skills as well. Being a member has helped me reach out to others for suggestions and ideas that I never would have thought of.


Q. Can you tell us more about how you have participated or benefited from the CAM-X membership?


One thing that I have really enjoyed is being a part of the mentoring program. Getting to know people and helping them with call quality has been a fulfilling experience. I have met so many wonderful people that I would never have had the chance to otherwise meet.

After 12 years so much has changed. I went from monitoring 7 or 8 people to sometimes over 20. We’ve gone through some rough times, which helped us to grow and to be better. We changed the way in which we answered calls, from dealing with everything on our own to specific positions, which has given me the chance to monitor other avenues and to help coach. When I started at Intercon Messaging I was 23 years old, and in 12 years I have grown in this industry as well as personally. I have watched people come and go. I have had amazing experiences, and I have learned to grow with the times. I also learned what I wanted in my life and today I can honestly say thank you to Intercon Messaging for showing me how to get it.


Q. Tell us a little personal background about you, your family and your hobbies or interests

Not only am I in a loving relationship with a man who makes me laugh everyday, but I am also a proud stepmom to an amazing 9 year old boy. I have an incredible relationship with my parents, who have always taught me to work hard for what I want, my brother who was never afraid to tell me, with love, what not to do and a sister in law who sparked my interest in true crime.


What does it mean to be a recipient of the Barbara Bradbury Award?


Receiving the Barbra Bradbury Mentoring Award is another sign that shows me I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. I love helping people and guiding them to their full potential. Receiving this award also confirms that my work is being valued and that what I love to do is appreciated. Thank you to everyone who supported me through the last 12 years and I look forward to sharing the many, many years to come in our industry with all of you.

CAM-X News


Respectfully submitted by Linda Osip, Executive Director




Call Centre Award of Distinction 2021 Launch

Sign up now:


Education Committee Update:

Call out for participation as a panelist for a Webinar or at COACH U!  This is a great way to grow yourself and to gain points for your re-certification!

Webinar & Lunch & Learn Calendar

Jan 13            Webinar AOE – Linda Osip (Recording available)

Jan 20            Webinar AOE Plus – Gary Blair & Deborah Anders (Recording available)

Jan 27            Mental Health “Let’s Talk” With Larry Martichenko

Feb 3              Best Practices – Hiring & Training in a Remote World


Agent Series for Professional and Personal Development:

Feb 10            Agent Series Part 1:  Conflict resolution, dealing with difficult callers and situations,                                empathy

Feb 17            Agent Series Part 2:  Customer Service, Organization, Communication

Feb 24            Agent Series Part 3:  Professionalism, Socializing in the Office, Self-motivation


Mar 10            Adapting Learning in a Virtual World

Mar 24            Recognition


Apr 14, 15, 16           COACH U – Keep FUN in the Forefront!

Topics to include:

  • Motivational speaker

  • Ted Talks throughout – research relevant topics

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Mental Health Issues – recognizing flags remotely

  • Bullying

  • Adjusting to updated platforms, staying current, not feeling that you can’t keep up

  • Team work for virtual teams

  • Reward, recognition in a virtual world

  • How to have FUN

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 Show your staff they are worthy: 

CSR and Supervisor Certification

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Pre Employment Testing Demo Available

Contact for instructions

Two Grey Suits

Two Grey Suits 

As a Manager, You Must Know How to Provide Feedback

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 2.41.59 PM.png

This article is part of the TwoGreySuits Managing Employee Performance Series and is offered by our partner, TwoGreySuits as a service to our members.


Knowing how to provide feedback to employees is a MUST HAVE skill in being a good people manager! 

When well done, it builds solid relationships based on candor and integrity.  On the other hand, poorly expressed feedback will demotivate others and make for bad business and strained relationships.  

Feedback is a stated observation/perception of another’s conduct or performance. It should be given with the same introspection and care in which it is to be received.

The message must be delivered in a thoughtful and well balanced manner (you control this) and received in a similar mature way (you don’t control this).  Consider that the ‘real’ message received is based on 3 factors: 7% on what is said; secondly, 43% on how it is delivered; and thirdly, 50% on body language as interpreted by the recipient. These guidelines will help you give proper feedback:  


• Get the facts – first, do your homework.  Ask questions to get the facts, get the right facts and get the facts right.   Be open to new information, for, if you have partial information you will predictably give inaccurate feedback. You will then look bad.  

• Know who you are dealing with – Assess how the other person will react and tailor your message and method of delivery to that person.  Generally, give positives in public and negatives in private; however, break this guideline if the person gets embarrassed easily and prefers these types of conversations to be done privately.

• Give them the feedback FIRST - The recipient of feedback deserves respect and courtesy – especially if the feedback is about something that went wrong.  If you talk about someone behind their back and then, if they hear gossip from another person, you become the executive ‘weasel’ whose leadership role has now been compromised.

• Do it face-to-face – (In today's world, over zoom, teams etc...) Particularly if feedback deals with criticism, mature adults deal with tough situations face-to-face, not by impersonal emails or by phone. Give it in person - this also lets you see the person’s reaction, thereby ensuring that the appropriate message has been received.  


• Do it fast – People affected by important information need to hear it quickly – whether it is good or bad news.   Few things are worse that waiting in suspense and feeling you are being controlled by someone.   Once all facts are on the table, people are more relaxed and it is easier to deal with virtually any situation. 

• Deliver the message in balance – Try to sandwich the positive and negative messages. This is all about balance, not manipulation, e.g., you could discuss a person’s positive intentions, critique a specific situation that did not work out, and then express confidence that you believe in them and that you see they are motivated to get better results next time.

• Do it with tact – Be direct and be sensitive.  Give feedback on a person’s actions/issues, not on their personality.   Never assault their personality.   If you need inspiration for this, think of your own worst experience, that is, when you were on the receiving end of a poorly delivered feedback that didn't sit well with you. 

• Keep cool - Discuss things professionally.  If you find yourself being hooked into a mental or emotional battle, ask questions for clarification.   Or, if someone is ‘losing it’, take a breather.   Buy some time - things said in anger rarely turn out positively.  

There are certain truths that endure: People want to be important, want to matter and be valuable.   They crave self-esteem.  By what people say and do, one message they regularly deliver is: “… notice me … I count! ...”.    


Effective feedback is a gift that will make most people in most companies more successful.   While your gift to them costs you just a little time, recipients say that receiving it is priceless!

TwoGreySuits is a leading-edge provider of on-line human resource management information, processes, tools and forms servicing the North American market. They have integrated the HR practices associated with the key drivers of Employee Engagement within the well-organized information on the website.

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  • If you are not currently signed up, please email me directly


The TGS System is a one-of-a-kind product that includes:


  • The HR Power Centre for dealing with the day-to-day people management issues that inevitably arise

  • 24/7 HR Hot Line

  • Topical regular Blogs suitable for reprinting by the Association members

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