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COACH U 2018

COACH U 2018 is now over and was, by all measure, a great success! If you would like a record of the event itinerary, email 
What the 2018 delegates had to say:


"Networking with your peers is invaluable.  ROI for companies is immense!"


"What I liked best was being able to engage with other like minded people and finding out how other centres work."


"Something I learned:  You can always succeed with a different attitude and point of view.  I also learned how to relax myself in stressful situations - this was very valuable to me."


"I thoroughly enjoy this time spent together every year - seeing new and old faces and learning new things!"


"COACH U was a great opportunity to network and brainstorm with people in the same industry.  Bringing in speakers like Leisa McDonald and John Whitehead really motivates you."


"This was my first time attending a COACH U conference.  I've learned a lot during my time here and I'm eager to implement what we have learned."


"COACH U and CAM-X in general is fantastic.  Having the opportunity to engage and learn from other TAS members is a huge asset.  I've attended webinars, COACH U, the annual conventions and participate in listserv discussions and I always learn something of value."


"Very inspiring coaching program.  Everything is very motivational!  Everyone is so nice and we are all here to help each other out.  We are all here to better ourselves and the business we work for."

COACH U Registration

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