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Benchmarking  Awards

Every year, the members of CAM-X strive to earn their awards. These awards serve as a benchmark for excellence. The scoring criteria has been discussed thoroughly, reviewed annually, and is the definitive standard for quality telephone service. The criteria has become Best Practices in our industry.
Call Centre Award of  Distinction

CAM-X is launching an updated Call Centre Award of Distinction with updated scoring criteria. The committee recognized that a new program was necessary to meet the complex call types many of you are working with in your specialized accounts.

The "Best Practice Basics" remain the cornerstone of the scoring criteria. The improvements have been established to meet the needs of your specialized accounts, allowing you to customize the form based on your clients' specific needs.

Each campaign or account type will provide a pick list for the participants to choose from regarding the specific information that the agent needs to gather for each type of call.

You can view the updated criteria on the form link below.

Award of Distinction
Call Centre Award of  Excellence

Award of Excellence Program – Since 1989

The quality of your Call Centre and TAS customer service has always been difficult to measure. You have trained your front-line agents to be courteous, efficient and knowledgeable, but you can’t always be there to ensure they’re following through. The Award of Excellence Program provides you with the tool you need to assure the professional level of quality your clients demand.

The Award of Excellence program is a ‘mystery caller’ program that offers CAM-X members the opportunity to have their call centre agents evaluated by an independent panel of judges, over a 6-month period. The mystery callers will conduct a test call based on the client profile information members provide when registering to participate in the program.

At the completion of the program, two independent judges will listen to the call recordings and assess a score based on a pre-determined point scoring process. Only companies who achieve an overall score of 80 percent or higher will receive the Award of Excellence, presented at the CAM-X Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Test callers will use client profiles with local street address and telephone exchanges to make believable calls:

  • They will not lead the agent making a call too easy

  • They will not be deliberately difficult as a caller

  • Their goal is to sound like a typical caller

Our Description of Excellence

Excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call. Excellence makes a caller believe they are the most important person (or their problem is the most important consideration to your call agent / CSR). How the agent handles every call, from beginning to end determines the success of your client relationship and the level of repeat business. No matter what is happening in your office on any given day, the caller should never believe your agent is too busy to give them the best service.


  • When you choose to participate, you have already won

  • When you demonstrate to your agents that you believe that they’re good enough to take home the Award… THEY WIN

  • When you coach your agents in the skills that will help them to bring home the Award?YOUR CLIENTS WIN

Call Centre Award of Distinction – Since 2001

The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) Call Centre Award of Distinction program focuses on customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and professional call handling.

Who Should Participate?

In house or outsourced call centres who provide:

  • Order Entry

  • Fulfillment

  • Registration

  • Surveys

  • Web Applications

  • Escalated Emergency Response

  • Reservations

  • Help Desk

Test Calls are Placed Over a 6 Month Period

Calls are judged by two independent judges using a pre-determined point scoring criteria.

Benefits of Participation

  • This program offers you an opportunity to talk about your success to potential clients and give them the assurance that you are being tested and benchmarked against call centres across Canada

  • Accreditation by impartial judges

  • Supports team efforts and fortifies in house training

  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses: All participants receive a recording of their calls for staff evaluation

Winners Will Receive

  • A handsome Award to display to clients and staff

  • A media ready press release and award logo for use in marketing

  • Professional photograph while accepting the Award at the Annual Convention and Trade Show


AOE PLUS Dispatch





The Award of Excellence (AOE) program set the customer service standards for inbound calls and the interaction between your client's callers and your agents receiving calls.

The AOE Plus Dispatch program has been established to benchmark and create standards for the interaction between your clients and your dispatch agents. It tests the back end of the call:  Your staff's interaction with your client's staff / on call personnel.

This program is an opportunity to show your clients that you hold high standards in Quality Assurance in executing the process of information delivery.

Award of Excellence

Downloadable Files

You may wish to download the following files for distribution among your team, or simply for your own reference. These forms, and the scoring criteria are updated annually, so be sure to return every year to keep up with the appropriate standards of excellence.

Scoring Criteria

Award of Excellence

 Description & Pricing

Scoring Criteria

Description & Pricing

Award of Distinction

Award Registration Form

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