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Our Past Guides Our  Future

Mission Statement: “As the National voice for the Call Management Industry, CAM-X contributes to our member’s profitability by fostering a willingness to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions while promoting the general welfare and ethical standards of the industry.”

Our  History

CAM-X is a not-for-profit member-driven Association. The needs and concerns of the Call Centre and TAS industry are at the forefront of all CAM-X activities. CAM-X is a cohesive group of concerned business people dedicated to helping owners and managers increase their business markets, profits, and opportunities.

For our members:

  • CAM-X represents the industry in regulatory issues with industry and governing bodies including the CRTC, Public Utility Boards and Telephone Companies.

  • CAM-X provides regular seminars to improve service, exchange ideas and to meet technological enhancements.

  • CAM-X develops working committees to provide a vantage viewpoint of our industry on communications issues.

  • TAAC (Telephone Answering Association of Canada 1964-85)

  • CAM-X (Canadian Association of Message Exchanges, Inc. 1985-00)

  • CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association 2001)

Founded in 1964, the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) is an industry trade Association representing Call Centres and Telephone Answering Service companies across North America, offering specialized and enhanced operator based services including: Call Centres, Contact Centres, Inbound Telemarketing (order entry), Paging, Voice messaging, Emergency Dispatch, Faxing and Internet Services among others.

History of Our Industry

History of Our Association

Code of  Ethics

We believe in the telemessaging industry and its future, and that a service business must be a credit to itself and the industry.

We will encourage sound business practices and professional service to customers and employees we believe that our business is dependent upon; and that we have an on-going obligation to our customers, the public, and to our industry members. Therefore, we pledge:

To Our Customers...

  • That we will strive to provide a service which is professional, honourable and affords us the opportunity to serve society.

  • That we will consider the communication needs of our customers, recommend the best ways to fulfill those needs and faithfully follow the direction and desire of our customers.

  • That we will honour all information which may come to our attention relating to the business and /or affairs of others and shall keep that information in the strictest confidence unless compelled to divulge it according to law.

To the Public...

  • That we will respect the responsibility to act in the public’s best interest conforming to all regulations and standards set down by public authority.

  • That we will endeavour to create a better understanding of the capabilities and the benefits of professional telemessaging to the public.

  • That we shall not make or cause to permit or allow to be made or published any false, untrue or deceptive statement by way of advertising or otherwise.

  • That we will actively support recognized civic, charitable and beneficial groups which contribute to the betterment of our community.

To Our Associates...

  • That we will maintain friendly, ethical relations with other telemessaging services and will not knowingly transact business in a dishonest or illegal manner which would be a discredit to our industry.

  • That we resolve to maintain the highest morals and standards possible, including when operating under the umbrella of a corporate identity.

  • That we will consider unethical the obtaining of business by commercial bribery, coercion or unfair business practices.

  • That we acknowledge our obligation to render to all our customers a service which is efficient, courteous, impartial and confidential, at a reasonable rate, sufficient to establish and maintain a high standard of operation.

Code of Ethics
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