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Webinar:  Be Kind to Yourself

Wednesday, June 7 @ 1:00pm ET


Your Host: Pat Vos

Interestingly, the more I practice being kind to myself, the more emotional strength I have to be kind to others. Kindness to others is vital in life and in our careers as owners, supervisors, team leaders, and role models for our families.  The leadership example we set depends absolutely on inner kindness.

In this one-hour interactive session we will work to identify the voices in our heads, and practice a strategy to start changing our inner conversations. Instead of ridiculing ourselves and beating ourselves up, we say “stop”.  I know I should feel better if I beat myself up, but its not working.  In this session we will practice a new strategy.

Join us June 7 for a jam packed interactive hour.

Pat Vos, in the photo, out hiking in New Zealand. For me, healthy happy inner conversations follow a healthy happy body.  For me, movement in nature is key.

Pat is a 20 year veteran of this industry and has been an entrepreneur since 1985.