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2018 Award of Excellence Webinar


Your Host:  Linda Osip

Linda will take you through the scoring criteria, discuss the new number of calls option this year, the AOE Plus Dispatch option and provide a forum for your Questions.  She will also provide some tips in choosing the clients to enter into the program and share some ideas to keep your team motivated.

This is a great opportunity to help kick off the 2018 AOE program!


Monday, January 29, 2018 @ 1pm ET
Duration: 1 hour
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Your Host : 
Linda Osip


This has to become the next focus of our message handling service because now more than ever the perception of our clients about the quality of our product is based primarily on their direct experience with our dispatchers, and in a growing number of cases, simply on the written messages we email, text and otherwise send off to them.

Ask yourself these questions … if you can’t answer any one of them with certainty … you need to learn more about the AOE PLUS!

  • Do I have as specific and scripted a step by step process for treating the back end of our calls as I do for our call handling?
  • Do I have a monitoring system for the outbound portion of my calls the same as I do for the inbound portion?
  • Do I regularly monitor timelines on message delivery the same as I do Average Time to Answer?
  • Do I monitor the accuracy of the written messages for grammar, spelling and conciseness and do I compare the written message summary with the actual recording?
  • Do I monitor my dispatching for manners and professionalism?




You’ve always wanted it! You’ve been patiently waiting for it!

CAM-X will deliver it! We are proud to announce…

Webinar Series: Detailed Agent Training

Starting early 2018 – details to follow

  1. Ingredients Of The Spectacular Call
  2. Handling Difficult / Irate Callers Professionally
  3. Handling Client Complaints
  4. Dealing With Change For Agents And Managers
  5. How To Build Great Scripts
  6. Remote Agents: Contracts, Agreements And Keeping Everyone Engaged