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Tools for  Success

Below are a selection of tools that our members have found useful. If you have any interest in these programs and tools, please reach out and we will be happy to assist you in coordinating and registering to participate!
Leadership Tools
Leading is  Learning

COACH U  2023 
Details to Follow


Registration Opening Soon                  

Engage with Purpose!

  • COACH U Rocks!

  • This was my 2nd COACH U and I learned a lot about myself and how I approach others.

  • This is my second year attending and yet again it has exceeded my expectations. I brought an empty suitcase to take home all the knowledge and ideas that I have gained and come up with.

  • This conference has been like being at a spa for my ‘working mind’. I am returning to my team refreshed, recharged, empowered and feeling strong! I can’t wait to share my experience with them. Thank you CAM-X! 

  • Without the COACH U supervisors would not have the tools we need to succeed 

  • CAM-X COACH U is a great place to be in to develop ideas, discuss, brainstorm and provide take always.

  • I met some absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable people and learned some amazing new ideas to take back home.

Toronto COACH U Testimonials

coach u

Pre-Employment Testing With C-PET

Hire with confidence! CAM-X’s Cloud Based, Pre-Employment testing software provides an effective means to filter unsuitable applicants and reduce your overall hiring costs while testing for relevant skills necessary to succeed within our industry.

For pricing and more information contact Linda Osip, Executive Director at 1-800-896-1054 or

Mentorship Programs

Training Tools

Past Webinars

CAM-X Webinar Series

Recorded Webinar Series: Detailed Agent Training

  1. Ingredients Of The Spectacular 

  2. Handling Difficult / Irate Callers Professionally 

  3. Handling Client Complaints

  4. Dealing With Change For Agents And Managers 

  5. How To Build Great Scripts 

  6. Remote Agents: Contracts, Agreements And Keeping Everyone Engaged 

CAM-X Webinar Library

Gary Blair
Deborah Anders

Gary Blair

Deborah Anders

Dealing with Difficult callers / Stress

- Sherry Oxner

Employee Engagement

-Gloria Tonne

10 Lessons to Become a SUPERvisor 

- Cindy King

Agent Series # 1 Elements of a Spectacular Call 

-Nadine Sans Cartier

Agent Series #2  Challenging Callers 

-Sabrina Perron

AOD New Updates 2017  

-Linda Osip  Overview of program FREE

AOE 2019  

-Linda Osip Overview of program FREE

AOE Plus Dispatch  

-Gary Blair, Deborah Anders   How it works FREE

Be Kind to Yourself  

-Pat Vos

Building Morale  

-Barbara Bradbury 

Bullying & Psychological Harassment  

-Leisa McDonald, Cindy King

CPET Pre Employment Testing  

-Tricia Rimmer, Linda  Osip   Overview of program FREE


-Ryan Keener

Emotional Intelligence 

-Barbara Bradbury

Handling Difficult Calls  

-Sherry Oxner, Paul Binion   Discussion of call types:  Irate, Threatening, Suicidal, Death Related

How to Establish a Mentoring Program 

-Shawna McCaugherty

Amazing Customer Service

-Leisa McDonald

Feedback Conversations

-Sheila Jessup

I love my clients (good,bad,ugly) 

-Denise Reynolds


-Leisa McDonald

Pay it forward Mentoring Award 

-Barbara BradburyOverview of program FREE


-Sharon Hamilton

Sales Series #1 

-Marguerite Zimmerman

Sales Series #2 

-Marguerite Zimmerman

Sales Series #3 

-Marguerite Zimmerman

Scheduling Series #1

-Cindy King, Jennifer McDonald, Tricia Rimmer  -  Longer Calls

Scheduling Series #2

-Sabrina Perron, Nora El Ramli  -  Fixed vs Rotational schedules

Scheduling Series #3 

-Jen Ferby, Charlene Burgess, Hazel Topp  -  Adjusting schedules on the fly

Video Training

-Gary Blair -  Theory

Video Training 

-Sabrina Perron  -  Practical

You made it now what? 

-Bobbi Stamp, Brad Langer  Supervisor Development

Mentorship Programs

CAM-X Mentorship

The overall mandate of CAM-X is predicated on education and networking. Whether you are interested in attending one of our annual COACH U Leadership Training Seminars, annual Convention/Trade Show or participating in the monthly teleconferencing webinars, you will be awarded the opportunity to continuously update and educate your Supervisors and operators with the newest, most innovative technology available for today’s growing Call Centre/TAS industry.

CAM-X offers mentoring programs to those interested in keeping current with the ever changing rules and regulations pertinent to our industry. We pride ourselves on operating in a global arena with a family-based attitude. Our mandate has always been and will always continue to be based on education and communication.

CAM-X offers Mentoring Programs to those interested in receiving assistance or advice on participating in our Awards programs. Members with many years of experience in our programs can assist you by assessing the clients you submit, listening to your recordings and providing constructive criticism on how to achieve success in our Awards Programs.

Webinar & Mentorship Registration Form

Webinar Registraton On Page

PEG (Profit Enhancement Group)

How to Start a PEG

What is a PEG Group ?

The PEG concept, based on the original premise of the the 40% Club, permits owners or senior management representatives the opportunity to review and compare gross revenues and expenses with other industry colleagues for the purpose of using the comparative exercise as well as the accompanying discussions to assist each member with improving their bottom line.  This often includes challenging each other to review areas of operation that may seem, at least statistically, to be outside the norm of the collective.  PEG groups are normally limited to eight members maximum simply for logistical purposes and meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis to review figures from the previous quarter.  Decisions as to where to meet vary from PEG group to PEG group, however the location is often chosen based on what is the most convenient and cost effective for the majority of the members.

Why is a PEG group a good idea for companies in the Call Centre industry ?

One member said it best when they said “it’s like having to report to a board of directors”, something that most of us in our industry don’t do.  In this light, PEG members end up acting as a “sounding board” of directors and although first meetings can be somewhat intimidating, the benefits of participation, including a clearer vision of your operation and a multitude of new ideas, start at the very first meeting.

How do you choose who to be in your PEG ?

Because of the nature of a PEG group, the sensitivity of the figures reviewed and the accompanying discussions, PEG members need to have a high level of comfort between themselves in order to be the most effective.  Generally speaking, members seem most at ease when they are from different marketplaces, this in spite of the growing amount of overlap within our traditional marketplaces.

How to get started ?

PEG members understand the benefits of sharing so if you’re thinking of setting up a PEG group it’s probably fairly realistic to think that you’ll get all the mentoring and help you need by approaching an existing PEG group member.  The direction you’ll get with how to conduct meetings and assistance with an EXCEL template for purposes of members being able to compare apples to apples will help you be up and running in no time at all.

Quasar Call Scoring Software

Regulatory Standards

There are many regulations that govern the telephone answering service. Depending on where you are operating, the regulations may change, be it nationally or provincially. In the USA, the FCC governs telecommunications. Be diligent in observing these regulations; disregard them at your own peril. Here are some links to the major regulations that apply to large areas.

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