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  • Linda Osip

The Boost June 2023

Table of Contents


President's Message

Respectfully submitted by Leslie Wilson, President

Leslie Wilson is the current President of the CAM-X Board of Directors.


Education Committee Update

Respectfully submitted by Gloria Tonne, Committee Chair

​What a month it's been. I'm reminded of Sir Winston Churchill's quote, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Reflection on the Alberta Wildfires and evacuation in Drayton Valley When I reflect on the almost two weeks we spent in a different city, maintaining operations, I was amazed at the outpouring of support and kindness offered by our friends in CAMX and other associations willing to pull out all the stops to offer assistance at a moment's notice. Being a small-town girl, never in my 40-plus years do I ever recollect a time when the entire town had been evacuated. This situation brought a lot of things to light and, with it, the opportunity to adapt, grow and challenge old paradigms. So that is taking up space in my heart this month; Gratitude. Gratitude for the relationships we build when we join an association. Gratitude for the support from industry experts when needed. And most of all, Gratitude for my people who were grace under fire (literally) when we needed to adapt and change our plans mid-stride. The Education Committee is incredibly grateful for volunteers and experts providing fantastic monthly webinars. I feel safe speaking for all of us when we cannot wait to meet you in Calgary for the 2023 Coach U. Stay tuned for the registration; we are confident the agenda will have something for everyone.

Upcoming Webinars


Member Spotlight

Interview with Steve Newell of Cloud Consult

Steve Newell is the current Vendor Representative on the CAM-X Board of Directors. He has recently implemented a new Technology Committee. Great ideas and wonderful opportunities for our members!


Welcome New Member

Red Deer, Alberta


CAM-X Update

Respectfully Submitted by Linda Osip, Executive Director

Donald Swift Education Endowment & Barbara Bradbury Mentoring Award

Lots of good info here about the process and some heart felt stories from recipients about what these honours have meant to them in their personal and professional lives.

New Website

Shout out to Nicole Coleman of Intercon Messaging Inc. and Erika Jaksic from the CAM-X office for collaborating and designing our new site.

Business Tools and Resources
CSR and Supervisor Certification
Personality Profiling Software
Pre-Employment Testing


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Respectfully Submitted by Jordanna Caine

The DEI Committee is looking for volunteers to exchange fresh ideas and develop action steps to foster supportive and welcoming work environments across North American Call Centres.


Message from Convention Committee Chair

Respectfully Submitted by Desiree Bombenon

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