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What Does it Mean to Be a  CAM-X Member?

Founded in 1964, the Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) is an industry trade Association representing the needs and concerns of Call Centres and Telephone Answering Services across North America. A not-for-profit, member driven Association, CAM-X is comprised of a cohesive group of concerned business people dedicated to helping owners and managers increase their business markets, profits and opportunities.

"The value of CAM-X comes not only via exceptional speakers and subject experts at conferences, seminars, and webinars; but from the generous sharing and collaborating with other members.   Ours is a much better company as a result of our decades long experience with CAM-X.  "


Scott Lyons, Extend Communications

"I’ve been personally involved in CAM-X on some level for over forty years now and continue to regard our membership as an integral element to our success.  CAM-X is a rarity in trade associations.  This is a group of competitors who come together to learn from, share with and help each other grow their businesses.  We check our competitive natures at the door and support each other in our endeavor to create both stronger individual companies as well as an even stronger industry.  The educational components of CAM-X as well as the Award of Excellence Programs have helped us in our quest to create a culture of excellence and professionalism that only gets better year over year.  And the cherry on the cake is the many personal friendships that have sprung up from one of the most unlikely of places! "

Gary Blair, i24 Call Management Solutions

Be a CAM-X member

"Having the opportunity to become a CAM-X member… created great things.  I grew myself, my people and my business in that order.  Then they asked me if I would be a board member, wow, what a ride.  Join CAM-X now, you will love being a member."

Pat Vos, Intercon Messaging Inc.

Member Services

  • Webinars

  • Pre Employment Software built for our industry

  • Annual Convention & Trade Show

  • COACH U Leadership Training

  • List Serve: Members & Supervisors

  • CSR & Supervisor Certification

  • Boost - Monthly newsletter publication

Benchmarking Programs

The CAM-X Award of Excellence and Call Centre Award of Distinction programs have helped to revolutionize in-house training programs for participating members. Based on the overwhelming success of our scoring criteria, many members have adopted these awards scoring formats as part of their on-going commitment to excellence in customer service.

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