Take a Walk Down Memory  Lane
Every year, the CAM-X members gather in a different place for camaraderie, collaboration, and the occasional cocktail. Below are brief summaries of some past events. 
CAM-X 2018 Convention
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"I have attended CAM-X conferences regularly and it never ceases to amaze me the quality of the conversations and the effort put in by the CAM-X team to ensure it is a positive and productive experience."  Desiree Bombenon 

           See you next year!

CAM-X 2017 Convention
Vancouver's Coal Harbour

The 2017 Cam-X Convention and Trade Show held in Vancouver was, by all measures, a great success. The event was a combination of relationship building, workshops, entertainment, and getting D-O-W-N.

CAM-X 2014 Convention
CAM-X 2012 Convention
CAM-X 2013 Convention

The 2013 Convention in Bermuda was absolutely amazing! The event led to many remarkable outcomes. New relationships were forged, knowledge was imparted, and everyone was able to have fun and take a break from their otherwise hectic schedules.

CAM-X 2009 Convention
CAM-X 2007 Convention

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