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Donald Swift Education  Award

The Donald Swift Education Award is awarded annually. Below are some details about the history of the award and some of the success stories that the award has resulted in!
What past recipients have to say:

Donald Swift Education Endowment Fund

The Donald Swift Education Endowment (DSEE) recognizes an employee of a member organization, who exemplifies the mission of CAM-X. This award provides the opportunity for such an employee, who would otherwise not be afforded the opportunity, to attend a CAM-X conference and experience that which many of us take for granted.  Help launch the career of one of your rising starts – fill in the application today!


Chantelle Prasad, CommAlert, 2017 Recipient


I was very pleased, honored, and humbled to accept the DSEE award in front of peers, colleagues, and now life-long friends.


Prior to attending the CAM-X Annual Conference I was unaware what to expect and was very nervous.  Within 5 minutes of entering the Opening Reception the nervousness was elevated into excitement as I was congratulated or hugged by almost every single attendee.


The CAM-X Annual Conference is such a beautiful concept;  the fact that we can gather industry competitors and put them in a room and share best practices is remarkable and goes to show the type of people this industry holds.  It’s absolutely lovely and humbling.


Networking and meeting with brilliant minds during the conference definitely changed my perspective.  Since arriving home, our team feels laser focused and we are taking new approaches to everyday tasks as well as starting to look at larger scale initiatives.  I hope we all continue to work together, nurture and support one another and help grow this uniquely beautiful industry."



Eva Hofmann, Answer 365, 2016 Recipient


To be nominated and chosen for the DSEE for the values and ethics that I use as my compass inside and outside our company was such an amazing honour. Attending the CAM-X convention in Quebec City allowed me to meet so many interesting, joyful, and inspiring people within our business, and the amount of idea sharing and collaboration was fantastic! Just to be able to attend and see the big picture beyond the day to day, and to take that home with me was absolutely priceless. I have come back home with some great ideas, made some amazing connections, and have received advice that I believe is beneficial to myself as a person as well as our company, and which will help me and them grow even further. Thank you again CAM-X, and thank you Donald Swift and Doug Swift, it was absolutely wonderful!



Cindy King, Telelink Call Centre, 2016 Recipient


Being named a recipient of the 2016 Donald Swift Education Endowment was a humbling experience.  I truly appreciate being given the opportunity to learn and share in such an open, trusting, fun environment.  I would like to thank the Swift Family and the Selection Committee for the privilege of even being considered to sit amongst the group of past recipients and to learn from the best in our industry. I learned so much, and made so many connections that will travel with me throughout my career. Please accept my sincere gratitude; I can’t wait to put all I’ve learned into practice.


Nora El Romli, AnswerPlus, 2015 Recipient


Being honored with the DSEE is truly inspirational.  I was chosen for this award because I challenge the status quo, push for betterment and for the daily passion I place in my work.  I learned a lot at CAM-X.  When I arrived in Charleston, I was quickly absorbed into the positive and caring energy of the follow attendees.  It was the perfect environment to be excited about my work,  and to learn and share ideas.  I went home with a full mind, ready to tackle the everyday operations with new found energy.  That you for the opportunity!"


Jodi Iverson, Connections Call Centre, 2014 Recipient


“The experiences I've had at CAM-X have only solidified the things I wrote in my application for the DSEE this year. What an amazing industry, made even better by the people who work so hard to share in all of our successes. Much gratitude to the Swift family for giving me the opportunity to attend.”  says Jody.


Paul Binion, Call Experts, 2013 Recipient


“The opportunity to get an inside look at our industry is an experience that I will always remember.  Oftentimes the experience is limited to the location itself, or more so to the job that I do for the company, and receiving the award, as well as being able to make the trip to a tropical island to receive it, gave me the opportunity to get a real inside look at our industry as a whole.  Being able to interact with owners and operations managers of other call centers across the continent has given me a much broader perspective of just how big our industry is.”  says Paul.


" As for the receiving the award itself, the biggest moment for me came when I realized that the award was based on the external things that I do unrelated to the role that I play here at Call Experts.  The work that I have done and continue to do in the nonprofit arena is done for the benefit of others without any expectations of reward or praise for those efforts.  Just to have my name submitted for consideration for such an award was an honor itself, but to have received it and to be recognized by an international organization is the highest honor that I have ever been given.  I am indeed humbled and thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. "


Kelly Shaver, Alliance Wireless Communications, 2012 Recipient:


Being chosen for the DSEE award was very exciting. I really appreciate the Swift family giving me the opportunity to attend the 2012 CAM-X Conference in Victoria. I had the chance to meet a lot of great people within the industry as well as made a number of important contacts. I definitely have taken what I learned and implemented it into my training process.


Stallone Dias, PDL Call Centres,  2011 Recipient:


“Winning the DSEE and being a part of CAM-X provided me with fantastic exposure to areas I would not have experienced otherwise, and as a result, I received a promotion and am more active than ever at PDL.  I highly encourage member companies to take the time to apply for the DSEE.  It is a true win win!” 


Trish Brown, Connections Call Centre, 2010 Recipient:


“I was truly honoured to be selected for the DSEE for 2010, and attend the CAM-X Conference in Las Vegas.  For years I have heard my Mom (Lil Lyle) recount stories of conventions and speak so highly of all the new friends she has made.  It was an honour to meet so many of the people that I have heard about for years, and found that many of them already knew so much about me.   The opportunity to meet and network with some of the industry’s finest was phenomenal.  I would like to thank the DSEE for making my fist CAM-X Conference a reality.”


Ann Legault, T.A.S. Communications, 2009 Recipient:


“Through the generosity of Doug Swift, Donald Swift, as well as those who have contributed to the DSEE I have come away with new friends, fresh ideas to get to the next level and tools to improve our bottom line while still focusing on those that make our business run on a day-to-day basis.


I encourage every member of CAM-X to consider nominating someone within their organization for the DSEE as the information, ideas and networking that an individual takes away from a CAM-X Convention and Tradeshow are phenomenal.”



Donald Swift Education Endowment 

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