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Become CAM-X  Certified

Take advantage of our certification programs to help boost your teams confidence, your clients confidence, and your overall ability to operate a TAS business efficiently. Here are the certification programs we currently offer. If you have any questions, please reach out and we will be happy to share more with you.

CSR Certification


Price:  80.00 per CSR  10% off of any bundle of 10 or more

Agent Certification


The Agent Certification Program is for the TAS / Call Center industry to certify and accredit their agents.

The goal of the Agent Certification Program is for your TAS / Call Center to offer your agents a professionally prepared program where they can be tested and accredited in TAS and Customer Service skill sets using the features of the accredited TAS Platform.

Successful candidates will have demonstrated excellence in these areas:

  • Successfully passing a comprehensive written examination of Call Handling skill sets.

  • An oral interview which tests customer service issues and problem calls with a certified examiner.

Supervisor Certification

Candidates are selected to participate in the Supervisor Certification program because their manager believes they have the potential to lead, coach, and support their agents. As part of the examination they will be given problems and Case Studies to work through. Candidates will also answer questions in essay form about system operations and procedures. It is as much a test of character as a test of knowledge.

Price:  130.00 per exam  10% off of any bundle of 10 or more (CSR or Supervisor)

Site Certification

24 / 7 Site Certification Program sets forth nearly sixty [60] criteria that need to be met or exceeded. These specifications were designed by the Certification Committee and Dr. Peter DeHaan. They represent a collection of the best practices and guidelines that our TAS sites adhere to. Part of the challenge of participating in this peer review and inspection program are in the preparations and groundwork that your TAS will need to complete in order to qualify.


Upon receiving Certification status, your TAS will have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Certification Committee a high level of proficiency in recovery techniques, good business practices, documentation of procedures, and levels of redundancy necessary for 24 / 7 preparedness.

Certification Registration Form

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