The Boost – September 2017

The Boost – CAM-X Newsletter  September  2017 – Volume 1 Issue 21
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In this Issue : 

  1. A message from President Dana Lloyd
  2. Using the HR Power Centre – Real Concerns and Available Solutions by Two Grey Suits
  3. A message from your Member Development Committee
  4. Member Spotlight : Garrett Bidewell
  5. A message from your Education Committee
  6. A message from your Vendor Representative

A message from President Dana Lloyd

I am currently sitting in Florida where it is blazing hot and certainly does not feel like back-to-school or the end of summer.We are watching a lot of CNN and hoping that all of our friends and family in southeast Texas and surrounding areas are well and getting the support that they need.  The devastation is huge and many organizations are looking for support.

For information on where to donate and/or to help please see the following link
We had our board call last week and I’m getting really excited about this year’s conference in Vancouver.   We have two keynote speakers (Colin Sprake and Marius Bourassa) who will be speaking about branding and building a successful entrepreneurial business respectively.   We have sessions on sales and marketing that you won’t want to miss, as well as personal stories about what got our members to where they are now and lessons learned along the way.  We also have a futures / technology panel and of course a lot of networking and fun intertwined throughout. If you have not yet please register at and we look forward to seeing everyone in Vancouver on October 17th.
register here
Happy September.
Dana Lloyd
Using the HR Power Centre – Real Concerns and Available Solutions
By: Ron Guest, Senior Partner, TwoGreySuits

We may be faced with a union drive and we don’t know how to handle it. 

Becoming unionized could spell disaster for a company in terms of your ability to effectively manage your employees. The HR Power Centre has an excellent section in the Risk Management module called Union Free Strategies which would give you everything you would need to properly and legally fend off a union drive. You may be very thankful you visited this section of the HR Power Centre.

We don’t really have a health and safety program or policies.

The HR Power Centre had a complete section on Health and Safety, sample policies to implement and recommendations in terms of how to set up a program in your company.
This section also has excellent information on how to instill a health and safety culture in your company. It is very comprehensive and provides everything you would need to develop a complete Health and safety program fast.

We need a way to gather employee viewpoints and perceptions on areas that affect them.


Our Employee Pulse Survey measures many aspects of the people component in business and provides you with valuable information on areas requiring improvement.  The 35 question surveys measures communication within the organization, departmental effectiveness, how managers are managing and how employees feel about the work environment in general.   We recommend that the Employee Pulse Survey be conducted annually and the results shared with employees.

The TGS System is a one-of-a-kind product that includes:

  •  A comprehensive on-line training course on employee engagement
  • An ever expanding training library of e-learning webinars on critical HR topics
  • The HR Power Centre for dealing with the day-to-day people management issues that inevitably arise
  • 24/7 HR Hot Line

Accessing the TGS System is simple. If you have not signed up email directly and we will help you out. It’s as simple as that and it’s free. Why wait?  Don’t let important people management issues go unresolved when you can deal with them today.

A message from your Member Development committee
By Gary Blair
I hope you all enjoyed some much earned down time this summer!  Can’t believe it, we all blinked and bazinga – it’s suddenly September with everyone back in work mode once again!

Whether it was quiet for you or not, it was certainly a busy and productive summer on your association’s front with yet another new member to welcome to the fold!

You’ve seen it announced on the list serve already, but once again, let’s give a big warm welcome to Jody Boutilier of City Answering Service in Fort St. John, British Columbia!  I reached out to Jody personally and it’s looking likely that we’ll all be able to welcome her as a first time attendee to conference this October in Vancouver.

As mentioned in our July BOOST, I’m also very happy that this month marks the beginning of our regular column called Member Spotlight!  The intent is to introduce the myriad faces of the industry and finally to <pay some attention to the man/woman behind the curtain>  – indeed, the people who make up this industry, whether they be owners/senior management, operations managers, sales reps, IT folks, supervisors, dispatchers, agents, billing clerks or anyone else in the organization – because as we all know, it takes a village!

So please don’t be shy … let’s open the doors and get our teams out there!  The process is simple – a picture and answers to six questions will keep things easy-peasy.  Interested?  Please contact Linda or myself.  Let’s have fun with this and recognize some of the hardworking and outstanding folks who through their dedicated, hard work make our businesses and this industry happen, day in and day out!

Meanwhile, getting us started off this month is Mr. Garrett Bidewell of Select Call Centre.  Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring Garrett!


Member Spotlight : Garrett Bidewell

Q. Can you tell us a little more about when and how your business began? When did you start in the business?
A. My name is Garrett Bidewell and I am a 2nd generation member of a TAS business.  I am the youngest of 5 boys and grew up with the following TAS ’rules’  (1) be quiet around operators (2) don’t bug mom & dad because they’re busy at work (interpret always busy!) (3) behave, fit in, help out! Early memories include driving with my oldest brother to paging tower sites at all hours (I was supposed to keep him awake!) in weather from freezing, snowing, middle of the night far-and-wide throughout northern Alberta, learning to climb towers (and then wall climbing), as well as mowing lawns at the office to fetching and carrying for staff.

TAS was our family ’tradition’ and each of us worked in the business at one time or another.

Q. What does your business look like today vs. ten or more years ago?
A. Select has come a long ways from made-in-England cord boards to high tech computerized communication systems (Szeto) but what I have observed stays constant is a customer’s need and desire to interact with a ‘real’ human being!  What meets that need is creating a working atmosphere of respect for employees, consistent and clear standards in the exchange of information, messages or news by connection, dispatch, and association with others, and the establishment of real value for remuneration.

Q. When did you join CAM-X and why? Can you tell us more about how you’ve participated, or benefitted from CAM-X membership?
A. My dad, Les, began early in his TAS business life to be in touch with other like-minded owners and vendors. That tradition continues.  Our involvement with CAM-X is vital to our continued success.  It is a clear indication to our customers, to our operational staff, to our management and to our bottom-line to stay competitive, effective, and recognized.  It verifiably elevates our accomplishments and adds a sense of pride to the every-day, day-in-day-out communications with the external and internal folks we interact with.  We learn from and contribute to the educational and financial success of fellow members.  I want to learn and contribute to the industry by being a board member of CAM-X.

In this world of digital, text, email and emoji language, I am convinced that every young person could learn to be great verbal communicators in their own personal relationships by working in a TAS!  It’s learning to ‘pay it forward’ by being helpful, respectful and needed.

Q.Tell us a little personal background about you, your family and your hobbies or interests. 
A. You could say I’ve learned from the bottom up!  I am now tasked with being General Manager of 5 offices, 65 employees and 1500 customers.  I am married to my best friend and wonderfully supportive wife, Jennifer, and have 3 children age 10 and under.

A message from your Eduction committee
By Barbara Bradbury

I can hardly believe that this will be my last Boost entry! In July I announced that I was stepping back from my role as Co-Chair of the Education Committee to make way for a new generation to take over. Using our list serves, I reached out for people who might like to lend a hand on this exciting committee, and to my delight, we have tripled the size of the committee! Please allow me to introduce them to you:

Your committee co-chairs
Sabrina Perron – i-24 Call Management Solutions
Leisa McDonald – Northern Communications

Your Education Committee  
Cindy King – Telelink Call Centre Inc
Paul Binion – Call Experts
Sherry Oxner – Answer365
Sheila Jessup – Northern Communications
Gloria Tonne – Intercon Messaging
Deborah Fifield – Answer365
Barbara Bradbury – B Bradbury Consulting (formerly of AnswerPlus Inc.)

As you can see, I’ll be sticking around for a bit to help out where I can, but I’m confident that this robust committee will serve you well, for many years to come!


November (date TBA) – Bullying in the workplace – by Cindy King and Leisa McDonald
One of these ladies works in a union environment, the other does not.  Together they will provide great insights and valuable information that everyone can use to recognize and deal with Workplace Bullying.

Sales or Lead generation(date TBA) – Beth Divine 
And watch the list serve and the BOOST for announcements about a series of very special workshops being planned for early 2018!

A message from your Vendor representative 
By Gary Kerner
A special Thank You and special recognition to the following vendors for your early responses and sponsorships:

Gold:  Amtelco & Loxysoft

Silver and Sponsors
To our delegates – as early as you can, plan ahead and schedule one on one time with your vendors. As most of you know time is precious at CAM-X conventions and this convention’s agenda is no exception.

To our Vendors/Sponsors – Registration is still open and there are a few sponsorship opportunities available.  Contact sooner rather than later to insure your spot at a great convention in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC