The Boost – November 2017

The Boost – CAM-X Newsletter  November 2017 – Volume 1 Issue 23
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In this Issue : 

  1. A message from President Dana Lloyd
  2. What is the HR Power Centre ? by TwoGreySuits
  3. A message from your Member Development Committee
  4. Member Spotlight : Abby Leibowitz
  5. A message from your Education Committee
  6. Vendor Spotlight

A message from President Dana Lloyd

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at convention.  It was nice to see everyone and congratulations again to all those who participated in either the Award of Excellence or the Award of Distinction, or both. 

 I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce your new CAM-X board for 2017/2018.  Please welcome Pat Vos, Garrett Bidewell, Gary Blair, Kerry Paul, Allan Fromm, Gary Pudles, Patty Anderson, Mike Leibowitz and Linda Osip.

 We had a productive first board meeting and have a lot of great initiatives for this year to share.   Some include revamping our website, AOE+, a committee to educate and advocate regarding the new Canadian tax regulations for business owners and the documentation of all CAM-X processes.

 If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, or would like to participate on any committees, please reach out to either myself ( or Linda Osip (

We look forward to serving as your Board over the next year.

 Kindest Regards,

Dana Lloyd

We lost one of our dear friends recently.
Thomas H. Sheridan of Yardley passed away on October 1, 2017 following a recent diagnosis of liver cancer.  He was 62.  Tom died peacefully at home surrounded by his family and beloved companion Sheila Papa.
Tom served as CAM-X President 2010-2011
RIP Tom Sheridan
TwoGreySuits Awareness Message:
Your CAM-X Membership entitles you to use this amazing HR Portal

 What is the HR Power Centre?

It is an easy access on-line HR Department (a website, that you can use to deal with any people management issues which arise. The website is designed to deal with the day-to-day HR issues that invariably come up in business. It is easy to navigate and get the information you need fast. In some sections of the website, it leads the user, step by step, through the implementation of basic HR systems, providing guides and rationale for each step of the process. It is much more than just a resource for HR forms/templates and documents. It has been designed for busy people who need HR answers fast or who want to implement specific HR processes in their business. Thousands of companies have website access, so it has already proven its value. Here is a brief review of the site content:

The HR Power Centre is organized into six key modules:

  1. HR Basics
  2. Recruitment
  3. Performance Management
  4. Pay &Benefits
  5. Risk Management(Canada &USA)
  6. HR Administration
The HR Basics Module contains everything the user needs to set up a basic HR system; preparing job descriptions, setting performance objectives and establishing a formal performance review process. The remaining five modules are designed to provide answers and direction when dealing with all aspects of managing people. For example, there is a complete training guide on behavioral interviewing; there are over 1700 interview questions by category. There is a comprehensive section on managing poor performance (including all forms) and a complete HR Policy Guide and Code of Business Conduct available for downloading with one click. There are hundreds of Frequently Asked Questions, organized by module and the popular “Talking Suits Monthly BLOG” containing articles on current HR issues & solutions.

Accessing the TGS System is simple. If you have not signed up email directly and we will help you out. It’s as simple as that and it’s free. Why wait?  Don’t let important people management issues go unresolved when you can deal with them today.

A message from your Member Development committee By Gary Blair
For anyone not able to attend the conference in Vancouver, here’s a quick recap of the activities of the Membership Development Committee as reported at the Annual General Meeting.
We have added 9 new members since our conference in Quebec City.  The breakdown is comprised of 3 Full Members, 4 International Members and 2 Vendor Members.
During the same period we lost 5 existing members. The breakdown is comprised of 3 Full Members, 1 International Member and 1 Vendor Member.  To note 2 of the Full Members and the 1 International Member were lost due to acquisition.
Net gain for 2016-17 is 3 International Members and 1 Vendor Member.

2017 saw the introduction of the Member Profile in The Boost.  This monthly spotlight will help all of us continue to learn more about each other and profile some of the folks who never otherwise get a chance to shine but who definitely work tirelessly to make our organizations shine!

2017 – 2018 Committee plans are to expand the marketing efforts to not only increase membership numbers but to focus on marketing existing member services to our existing members.


Member Spotlight : Cindy King
Shared Operations Lead & Quality Manager

Q. When did you joint TeleLink and what brought you into the call center industry?

A. I joined Telelink in April of 2001.  I’ve almost got 17 years under my belt in a place where I was going to work “for a summer”.  I was your typical university student.  Like many Newfoundlanders who decide to take the plunge into higher education, going to university meant having to move to the city (about an hour from my home town).  Each summer I would return home to work the typical summer jobs between semesters.  That was the summer before my final year, and I decided I was going to stay in the city, get a job, and start being a “grown up” J.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about the evolution of your career path with TeleLink.

A. I started with Telelink as an agent.  I was hired to work on the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Line (you know the one they advertise in all those pretty commercials?). My background and previous education was in Tourism Management and so it was a perfect fit for me.  The summer came and went, but I never left, I couldn’t. It was evident to me that Telelink was a pretty special place, so I cross trained into other areas of the business.  Through the years I progressed to a Team Leader position, then I was the project manager for the first iteration of our “Agent Outsourcing” back in 2008, which in the last year or so, has picked up traction again.  Also during that time, Telelink became ISO 9001 registered (An international quality system standard), where I put my abilities to work as an auditor for the company.  I became the Operations & Quality Manager in 2008, and I sit on the Leadership Team at Telelink. It’s truly the most rewarding and challenging position I’ve had.  I’m surrounded by fantastic mentors, strong women who have taught me how to maneuver my way through the business world.

Q. What was your first CAM-X experience?

A. I can’t remember the exact year (maybe 2006?) when CAM-X came to St. John’s.  Cindy and Syd included a handful of us supervisors in the convention that year.  That’s where I became aware that it wasn’t just Telelink that was special.  The entire industry and the people in it were so kind, welcoming, and sharing.

Q. Can you tell us more about how you’ve participated or benefitted from CAM-X membership? 

A. WOW!  Where do I start.  Probably the most obvious answer for me, was being chosen as the recipient of the Donald Swift Education Endowment in 2016. This allowed me to attend the CAM-X Convention in beautiful Quebec City.  While it wasn’t my first CAM-X Convention experience, it would definitely be the most memorable.  I learn so much from the membership.  People openly share their thoughts, ideas and experience.  While there is a lot of years of experience that walk through the convention halls and read the email threads, you’re never made to feel inadequate.  I’ve participated in a number of committees within the organization as well.  I am currently a member of the Education Committee.  If there is any advice that I can give anyone new to the association, it’s to get involved!  The ongoing education opportunities, formally through conventions, webinars and committees…and informal through the relationships you build, are invaluable. I’ve built both professional and personal relationships as a result of my active involvement that will follow me for my career and lifetime.   There’s also an atmosphere of everyone’s got something valuable to say….I’ve been given many opportunities, from giving educational webinars, to presenting at Coach U.

Q. What does your business look like today vs. ten or more years ago. 

A. So much has changed in such a short time.  I came into the industry (16+ years ago) when we were on the brink of change from being “answering services” to “call centres”.  The use of the internet was just getting applied to our industry and we were moving into foreign territory in offering call centre services to customers.  I still remember our first customer that required us to use the internet to process orders for their products.  Now, we are a state of the art, high-tech industry.  Our server rooms compete with the best in the country, if not the world.  We’re constantly adapting and changing to meet the ever growing (and often demanding) requirements of the “new” customer.  It’s a wonderful, challenging time to be part of this industry.  We are in the age of change.

Q. What platform do you use?  Are you a member of the ….. user group and why?

A. Telelink is an Amtelco shop.  And we are members of the NAEO community.  There’s so much value in being active in NAEO.  Things can get complicated, quickly.  Things change, quickly.  It doesn’t matter how bright or innovative you are, everyone gets stuck from time to time.  Your ability to adapt (and your speed of adapting) is heavily weighted on the people and resources that you surround yourself with.

Q. Tell us a little personal background about you, your family and your hobbies or interests.

A. Well, my career is a lot of who I am.  Besides being at Telelink, I surround myself with beautiful friends and family who impact my life on a daily basis.  In my previous life, I worked in musical theatre, and that love has carried through my life.  While I’m not active in it anymore, I love a good musical!  Aside from that I lead a pretty simple life.  My love of travel, unique cultural experiences and good food (and the pursuit of finding the best micro beer J) are really what brings joy to my life. Oh!  And I moonlight as the world’s greatest puppy sitter! J

A message from your Eduction committee
By Sabrina Perron & Leisa McDonald

What have we archived over the past year ? 

COACH U 2017 – ‘’Ready, Set, Grow!’’

Our leadership training was hosted in Toronto in May 2017. Instead of doing the round table all at the same time this year, we divided this important portion of the workshop into 3 sessions, each one with varied day to day situations to discuss about. This new division gave us small breaks in between presenters, changing the flow and was well received.

As for the presenters, we’ve been in luck this year. Our Dear John Whitehead was amongst us as our opening keynote. He spoke about leadership, and later that day about the importance of listening skills.

Kerry Paul showed us examples of what our CSR may not be telling us, followed by Paul Binion, a first-time presenter, who brought to light the values of our employees.

Barbara Bradbury presented two workshops on challenging conversations, one towards clients and the other towards employees.

Mark Di Francesco, another first-time presenter, spoke about the opportunity in vulnerably.  Jen Ferby showed us how to make our leadership team a TEAM. Nadine Sans-Cartier presented us with some great coaching and mentoring tips and Leisa McDonald spoke to us about attracting and retaining good employees.

On top of all those amazing presentations, we got a remote agent panel to share with us some facts to keep our remote team engaged. A big thank you to our Panelists: Sue Payne, Maureen Osborn and Sheila Jessup.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our presenters who accepted to share their knowledge with us again.


To end the year, a major change has occurred: our dear Barbara Bradbury has stepped down from the co-chair position to finally take a step forward in her retirement. Although she is still a member of the education committee, she has left the lead to Sabrina Perron who will continue to co-chair with Leisa McDonald. The committee also expanded (a lot) its members.

If you would like to join our committee, please contact Sabrina ( or Leisa (   

Again, a big thank you to all our Coach U and Webinar presenters, to all of you who participate in our list serve community by asking questions and sharing your knowledge. Thank you for being there for each other!

November 22nd – Bullying in the workplace – by Cindy King and Leisa McDonald
One of these ladies works in a union environment, the other does not.  Together they will provide great insights and valuable information that everyone can use to recognize and deal with Workplace Bullying.

December (date TBA) – Resiliency  – By Paul Binion and Sherry Oxner

Vendor Spotlight : 
If you missed this year’s conference in Vancouver you missed a fabulous conference! The content was top notch, we had great speakers, and a lot of informative sessions. I think everyone took home a todo list. We also had many great vendors some new,  some that have been to our conference many times. I want to personally thank each and every one of them for coming to our conference.

Szeto Technologies
911 World
Alston Tascom
Loxysoft    Gold
Map Communications
Professional Teledata
Your Answer Solutions
Amtelco Gold
Telescan Gold
SA Hosted & Managed Solutions