The Boost – CAM-X Newsletter  May 2017 – Volume 1 Issue 17

In this Issue : 
  1. A message from President Dana Lloyd
  2. A message from your Membership Development Chair Gary Blair
  3. A message from your Education Committee
  4. Multitasking or Multi-distracting Imperfection by Paul Roy
  5. Vendor Spotlight – Szeto Technologies
A message from President Dana Lloyd

I can’t believe it is already May.  We have a lot on the go and a lot coming up this month.

On May 5th we have a free Webinar on the Award of Distinction (AOD) program.  A lot of changes have been made to update and improve the Award.  The Awards Committee has been evaluating and examining the program for over two years and has put together criteria that is more current and better meets the needs of complex call types.  Please register to learn more about the specifics of the program (            calendar/training/)

Coach U is around the corner (May 9th and 10th) at the Sandman Hotel in Toronto, ON.   The number of registrants is outstanding this year and the program covers everything from leadership to employee engagement to teamwork to dealing with clients.  We are anticipating great networking, great discussions and a lot of learning.

We will be updating our monthly Info-polls.   We will continue with the monthly questions but we will filter the answers in a more comprehensive manner.   We will also be sending out the results independent of the info-poll questions.  Currently the results of last month’s poll are being shown with the current month’s questions.  We have found that the results are getting lost and members aren’t seeing them.  We also feel that the results will be more meaningful if we dig deeper and group the data in a more relevant and comprehensive way.

Also, we are in the process of revamping our website ( to be more user friendly and current.   Stay tuned for more updates.

And please don’t forget to book this year’s CAM-X Convention and Trade Show in Vancouver, B.C. from October 17 -20, 2017.   The program is coming together and we will start sending out topics, speakers and the overall agenda shortly.

I hope everyone has a wonderful May.

Warmest Regards,

Dana Lloyd

A message from your Membership Development Chair Gary Blair

As you might think, the tradition of the Membership Development Committee has been principally focused on driving up our overall membership numbers.  As the industry has matured however and through successive waves of consolidation by acquisition, today’s committee is as interested in developing member service participation as much as it is in simply boosting numbers.

A recent review of member participation in many of the valuable services and programs CAM-X offers indicates a wide disparity in utilization and so in the upcoming weeks please be on the lookout for informational posts highlighting exactly how your company may benefit from anyone of them.

We’ll also be polling your likes and dislikes to be sure we continue to address needs across the spectrum regardless of size or specialty of your center.

The learning and sharing culture of CAM-X is at the core of its success and these programs have been developed from exactly that perspective.  If there’s a member program you’ve been wondering about or thinking about participating in, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and move your organization to the next level.

As the Nike tag line goes, Just do it!

A message from your Education Committee
Barbara Bradbury & Sabrina Perron

2017 Coach U is just around the corner (May 9-10) in Toronto, and this year promises to be one of the best ever with 150 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

We are thrilled and very fortunate indeed, to welcome back John Whitehead who will lead sessions “Before YouLead…” a thought provoking session on how to prepare to be a leader, and “The Real Purpose OfListening”, guaranteed to improve our communication skills and relationships with co-workers, friends and family.

Kerry Paul, has prepared a fun-filled workshop entitled “What your CSRs aren’ttelling you” that’s sure to enlighten and inform.
Other topics include:

  • Challenging Conversations with Clients and Employees by Barbara Bradbury
  • The Art of Being Vulnerable by Mark Di Francisco
  • Making Your Leadership Team function as a Unit by Jen Ferby
  • Attraction and Retention of Good Employees: Making Others Happy by Leisa McDonald
  • Quality Assurance, Coaching and Mentoring by Nadine Sans-Cartier
  • Tips for Productive Meetings by Sabrina Perron

A moderated panel of Remote Agents will share their views on what it takes to keep them engaged,  motivated and feeling like part of the team, how they like to receive training, and their unique communication challenges.

And of course no Coach U would be complete without the ever popular Round Tables that give delegates a chance to exchange ideas with their peers.

So if you haven’t registered yet… what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity!

Webinars will resume June 7, with Pat Vos and “The Importance of being Kind to Ourselves”

Multitasking or Multi-distracting
By Paul Roy
The demands of life and our employers keep us focused on many moving parts.  One article site I write on says 400 words is the optimum word could.  It provides enough words for substance and holds the reader for about two minutes.  That’s it or they’re gone.  Two minutes. Get my interest or I’m moving on.  I have other things to look at. Twitter allows 140 characters.  The life span of a tweet is less than 13 minutes unless you’re Donald Trump. If Twitter is your news feed you would be on it all day.

I recall reading an article on today’s students attending MIT in Cambridge Mass. Some of the smartest minds in the country go there.  It is reported a marked reduction in the students difficult problem solving abilities.  You guessed it. Multi-tasking and distractions.  Our smart phones, computer monitors and social media. Life in general has many demands.

As an ADD I can’t even work with the radio or television on.  It has to be dead quiet or I can’t focus. Are you in bed with your smart phone on the night table? If you are I suggest you have a problem. Mine is in another room on mute. No…. I have not been ignoring you!!

I expect many of you have multiple projects on the go in your work environments. The phone rings and we get pulled away.  How do we get back on track with a clear mind? I am a list completer and there are always a few that carry over to the next day.  Usually the proactive things as we are constantly dealing with the have to urgent things.  For me I find closing the email browser and focusing on the task at hand helps. Perhaps only check Facebook once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

I believe it is with focus that we are able to get to a deeper layer and do great work. The sure fired way to do that is schedule time we are alone without distractions. I spend a lot of time on the phone following up on proposals.  That’s done pretty much at the same time of day every day. I’m making numerous calls at the same time. Rhythm helps with flow and concentration.

You can do it.  You can get a hold of your time and own it. The world will keep spinning if you don’t check on it every 15 minutes.
I’m done.  415 words.

Paul R Roy

Vendor Spotlight – Szeto Technologies 

Employee Safety Monitoring

The technology behind Telephone Answering Services has evolved in leaps and bounds in the past 30 years. While “answering calls- taking messages- delivering messages” continues to be the basic services offered, the nature of how this service is handled has changed considerably. Computer technology gives rise to service automation. The widely accessible internet has fueled market expansion and TAS suppliers have risen with the waves of this technology evolution.

Employee safety is a concern for most employers. All employers are expected to take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Such precautions may come in the form of making sure the entrance to the office is not slippery, to avoid injuries. Or in the form of providing ergonomic chairs, to ease back strains.

In some industries, however, safety of an employee cannot be ensured only by precaution. This is especially so when the employee works alone, works in a remote area, works with dangerous equipment, or works in a hostile environment. Their safety and well-being can often be a matter of life and death. To decrease such risks, it is necessary to have a means to monitor their well-being. And communication technologies have been available to do this.

Interactive employee safety monitoring is not a new concept. Some TAS operations have been doing it by answering check-in/check-out calls. Today, technology and the internet have allowed this proactive part to become automated, rendering the process more efficient and more cost-effective. TAS systems can automatically contact an employee at regular scheduled intervals in order to ensure that the employee responds, signaling that he/she is safe. Automation can also be integrated with human intervention. In the event that an employee does not reply or signals that he/she requires emergency assistance, the system will trigger a rescue procedure/escalation to alert the appropriate personnel. Alerts can be communicated via multiple devices, e.g. pagers, text, emails, phones (iPhone, Blackberry, and Android) and other satellite devices.

Which industries can benefit?
-Hydro & telephone unsupervised workers in remote locations or in dangerous environments.
-7/24 store workers working alone, especially at night.
-Oil & gas field workers in dangerous environments.
-Healthcare workers such as homecare nurses, social workers, etc.
-Maintenance workers working with dangerous or hazardous materials
-Security Guards

Employee safety monitoring provides reassurance to the employee working in a potentially dangerous situation.  Workers can do their tasks knowing that there is system in place that will alert someone if they are in danger or if they’re hurt. The peace of mind is invaluable.  Automating this service also allows the operators to free up their time as they won’t need to contact employees on regular intervals in order to check on their status. The only time the operator needs to intervene is if there is no response from the employee or if they have indicated that they need help.
Automating this service is beneficial to the answering service. Answering services can diversify their services by offering employee monitoring to clients.  This is a win-win situation to all parties. The operators are relieved from additional duties, the clients can provide their employees with both physical and psychological support so they can perform their tasks and the answering service benefits by providing additional services and gaining potential revenue.