The Boost – CAM-X Newsletter  April 2017 – Volume 1 Issue 16

In this Issue : 

  1. A message from President Dana Lloyd

  2. 20 Reasons to Use the HR Power Centre and HR Hot Line by TwoGreySuits

  3. A message from your Membership Development Chair

  4. Embracing Imperfection by Paul Roy

    A message from President Dana Lloyd

    Happy Spring everyone!  The CAM-X board has been busy finalizing a lot of exciting events that will start to materialize over the next few months.

    Our annual Convention and Tradeshow will be held in Vancouver from October 17 – 20, 2017.   Please save the date as it is promising to be a great event.

    COACH U is quickly approaching and will be held in Toronto, from May 9th – 10th, this year.  This is an amazing forum that educates and supports our Operations Managers, Supervisors and overall staff.  It is an excellent opportunity for learning, networking and collaborating.  If you are interested in sending some of your team, please click here for more information –

    We also have Ryan Keener, from Keener Communications, giving a webinar on Recruiting, On-boarding and integrating company culture.   This is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19th at 1PM EST.

    Additionally, we have put together a committee to revise and evolve the existing CAM-X website.  We are currently determining the content and purpose of the site.  You can expect to see changes within the next few months.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful April and I hope to see many of you and/or your teams at COACH U next month.

    Warmest Regards,

    Dana Lloyd

    20 Reasons to Use the HR Power Centre and HR Hot line
    This article is part of the TwoGreySuits Managing Employee Performance Series and is offered by our partner, TwoGreySuits as a service to CAM-X members. 

    1. I need a performance review form
    2. I am hiring and need interview questions
    3. I want to set objectives for my direct reports
    4. I have an employee with attendance problem
    5. I need a job description
    6. I need an offer letter
    7. I need a termination letter
    8. I need a legal release form so we won’t get sued
    9. I need to do an exit interview
    10. I need a detailed reference check form
    11. I need to figure out what behavioural competencies are important in the job for which I     am hiring
    12. I am a new Manager and I need to learn how to manage people, fast
    13. I don’t know how to announce that we are implementing a new performance management system
    14. I want to understand how you link compensation to job performance
    15. We are setting up a new benefits plan and I don’t even know where to start
    16. We want to do an internal job evaluation and need a robust process to do so
    17. Our employees are spending too much time on Social media at work. We need a policy
    18. I need to coach my employees to solve their own problems more effectively
    19. I need information about effective listening
    20. I want to build a stronger team

    The TGS System is a one-of-a-kind product that includes:

    •  A comprehensive on-line training course on employee engagement
    • An ever expanding training library of e-learning webinars on critical HR topics
    • The HR Power Centre for dealing with the day-to-day people management issues that inevitably arise
    • 24/7 HR Hot Line

    A message from your Membership Development Chair
    Gary Blair

    Many of you may have noticed that CAM-X welcomed a new Vendor Member this past month, new being the operative word, since many members will have known Marion from his previous time spent as an owner in the telephone answering service industry. I encourage all of you to reach out and welcome Marion back into the fold, this time as a Vendor Member!

    If you haven’t looked at your current needs in regards to the services he brings to the membership, I encourage you to do so.  You may be happily surprised!  Remember folks, membership brings many advantages … if you take advantage.

    Welcome Marion, look forward to seeing you in Vancouver this October at the Annual Conference & Trade Show.


    As A CAM-X Member, Why Talk With QOS Merchant Solutions?

    QOS Merchant Solutions has been in the payment processing industry for over 16 years, specializing in providing credit card processing and related services to certain vertical markets, where the QOS team has unique expertise.  One of these markets is the Call Center or Telephone Answering Service industry.

    Founder and president, Marion Dunn, was in the Telephone Answering Service industry in the US for over 26 years.  During this career, he was considered a leader in the industry, owning multiple locations, serving as a Director to the national association, as well as chairman of numerous committees over his 26 years.

    Mr. Dunn’s knowledge of the TAS industry, coupled with his over 16 years’ experience in the payment processing industry, makes him uniquely qualified to offer the right solutions and the lowest possible pricing, to improve your experience in accepting credit card payments from your customers.

    He has been a frequent speaker at many ATSI and Equipment User Group meetings, and has often been asked by many CAM-X members, “can you work with us in Canada?”  At that time the answer was no.

    But, now, that has all changed!  QOS Merchant Solutions, thru new partner relationships can now provide comparable services in Canada to what is being offered in the US.  Now, is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your credit card processing with someone that understands your special needs and can provide you with the best possible pricing in the industry!

    Embracing Imperfection
    By Paul Roy

    A few weeks ago I was discussing with my personal coach that my book when published had some grammar and spelling errors to the point several friends looked at me and said. “Paul, who edited your book?” The truth be known that two people did the editing. Upon telling Marilyn the story we both giggled and then she said “I like the way you are dealing with this. More people need to embrace imperfection.”

    I did not recheck the editor’s work. I trusted both of these people and in fact I still do. One was ill and sent the manuscript to a trusted friend of theirs and the other somehow dropped the ball. What resulted is that I had to delay the public launch of the book until the revised edits were complete.

    I realized that the delay of the public book launch for several months was in fact the best thing. There is no way I would put the book in the book stores with the spelling and grammar errors the first printing of the book possessed. I did not have the time to prepare my new website and plan for book signings and media interviews. This allowed me the time to put the polish on the apple.

    Yes, I went ahead with a private launch last fall. The lesson learned is if we wait for it to be perfect we will never launch that new product. Start the new marketing campaign let alone publish that book we have all wanted to write. In my case I was flat out at my day job. I was recovering from reconstructive shoulder surgery and then throw in the launch of the book. I was working to deadlines. The location for the book launch was paid for. The invitations had gone out and the catering order had all been placed. Oops! Let’s start over was not an option.

    What is it that is holding you back from stepping out and starting that new project? I am not the first to say if we wait for it to be perfect we will never start. Embracing imperfections allows us to make adjustments to the finished product.

    Achieving your goal is not as simple as turning on a light bulb. Those of us who know that working toward the goal is the most important part. The reason we wrote the goal is we wanted to be better at something or achieve something we have never done before. We started this process because we are not perfect and never will be. Lighten up and enjoy the ride.