Registration 2017 Award of Excellence

2017 Award of Excellence

CAM-X Announcement

New option for CAM-X AOE

In response to members’ requests the CAM-X Board of Directors are delighted to announce a new initiative for this year’s Award of Excellence Program   CAM-X will now offer 2 options for the Award of Excellence program.  Option #1 – 10 test calls, 12 CPS forms Option #2 – 20 test calls. 12 CPS forms

The program will remain the same with the same scoring criteria and judging.   Your current year status in the program will not change.   Option #2 will allow CSRs to receive more test calls.  20 calls will be placed randomly from the 12 submissions you enter.

Deadline for Registration:  January 31, 2017

Registration:  aoe-cam-x-2017-registration-rules

Scoring Criteria: aoe-scoring-criteria-cam-x-2017

Mentoring Guide:  aoe-mentoring-guide-scoring-criteria-cam-x-2017

Email to

Fax to 905-309-0225

Mail to 24 Olive Street, Grimsby, ON L3M 2B6