Overview Call Centre Award of Distinction


 The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) Call Centre Award of Distinction program focuses on customer relationship management (CRM), courtesy, etiquette, and professional call handling.


In house or outsourced call centres providing:

  • Order Entry
  • Fulfillment
  • Registration
  • Surveys
  • Web Applications
  • Escalated Emergency Response
  • Reservations
  • Help Desk



  • This program offers you an opportunity to talk about your success to potential clients and give them the assurance that you are being tested and benchmarked against call centres across Canada and the United States
  • A creditation by impartial judges
  • Supports team efforts and fortifies in-house training
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses: All participants receive a recording of their calls for staff evaluation


  • A handsome Award to display to clients and staff
  • A media ready press release and award logo for use in marketing
  • Professional photograph while accepting the Award at the CAM-X Annual Convention and Trade Show


  • The client profile sheets should be credible to the account and call centre agents using clear examples of telephone exchanges, cities etc…
  • Remember that it is your responsibility to inform the CAM-X office should any of the information be changed by your client
  • A call transcript must be attached to each client profile sheet submitted
  • The transcript can be of a real or a fictitious call


Call Centre Award of Distinction Scoring Criteria

 Section A–Call Answer Time

CPS requires call to be answered by Live Agent in ____________ Seconds

This information is specified by the Call Centre to meet each client’s requirements. Call time is counted from the first ring and includes any auto answer or pre-screened message time.

5 – Call was answered within required time

0 – Call was not answered within required time

Section B – Answer Phrase

B1  Did the agent use proper / complete answer phrase? The answer phrase must contain all required words from CPS but may be modified in order of phrasing.

5 – Agent completed answer phrase requirements

0 – Agent did not complete answer phrase requirements

B2  Answer Phrase Clarity

5 – The entire answer phrase was clear and understood

0 – Some portion of the answer phrase was not clear or could not be understood

Section C – Call Quality

C1 Enunciation

5 – Excellent enunciation

0 – Poor enunciation

C2 Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is to be evaluated based on the information provided by the Call Centre on the CPS for each client. Examples are: clinical…showing little or no emotion, friendly & interested.

5 – Agent showed appropriate mood and genuine interest

0 – Agent did not show appropriate mood or genuine interest

C3  Attitude

5 – Agent was proficient and professional throughout the call

3 – Agent remained composed and professional until conversation moved outside of agent’s comfort zone.

0 – Agent was not proficient and professional throughout the call

C4  Courteous

5 – The caller will feel that they were handled politely throughout the call

0 – At any time during the call, the agent was not polite

C5  Grammar

NOTE: example of slang:  Yup, Yep, Nope, ya/yeah (instead of yes), Gonna/Gunna, Lemme, Okey Dokey, Ya (instead of you), All Righty, Uhhhh, Cool, Ain’t, like (when used as a filler), bye-bye now, bu-buy, speak’in

The CSR habitually used a particular word (more than 3 times) during the call. Habitually means that a particular word is overused to the point of distraction during the call. Examples of unacceptable words when used habitually include, but not limited to,: Okay, Um, Alright, no problem, no worries, K, thanks, mmmmmm, crutch words such as: so, well.

5 points – CSR used proper business phrasing throughout the call, without slang or habitual use of a particular word

0 points – CSR used any slang term OR CSR habitually used a particular word

C6  Confidence

5 – Agent showed confidence and appeared comfortable navigating the call

0 – Agent showed little confidence or comfort in navigating the call

C7  Call Control

5 – Agent guides the caller throughout the call with appropriate questions

0 – Agent allows caller to take control, lead conversation, and ramble on

C8 Pace

5 – Agent is fluid throughout the call and speaks at a pace that is easily understood

0 – Agent leaves long pauses, speaks too quickly or rushes the caller

Section D – Hold Management  (If no hold, X is placed through this section)

D1 Were you asked politely / Did they wait for an answer?

2 – Agent asked caller politely to hold and waited for the caller’s reply

0 – Agent did not ask caller politely and did not wait for the caller’s reply

D2 Polite return from hold

2 – Agent returned to the call politely recognizing the hold

0 – Agent did not thank caller or recognize the hold


Section E – Call Management

 E1  Actively Listening

5 – Agent gives impression he/she was actively listening throughout the call

0 – Agent does not give impression he/she was not actively listening throughout the call

E2  Spelling of name

5 – Agent confirmed spelling of surname

0 – Agent did not confirm spelling of surname

E3  Confirm Number

The CPS form must be filled out specifically for every client. Does this client require a 10 digit or 7 digit telephone number.

5 – Agent repeats complete number according to CPS requirements

0 – Agent does not repeat complete number according to CPS requirements

E4 Transaction Requirements

The CPS form must be filled out specifically for every client, identifying fields that must be filled in and those that may be optional and/or identifying all information that must be relayed to caller.

5 – Agent completed CPS requirements

0 – Agent did not complete CPS requirements

Section F – Re-Assuring Close

The CPS form should contain the close criteria or a closing script. How do you want your agent to close the call?

F1  Did the agent follow the close criteria from the CPS?

5 – Agent followed the close criteria

0 – Agent did not follow the close criteria

F2  Would you feel confident the transaction would be handled correctly?

5 – Overall, the agent made you feel confident that you were in good hands and that any actions required after taking the call would have been done correctly had this been a real call.

0 – Agent did not make me feel confident that the correct actions would be taken.


Overall Customer Service Experience

The following section is a value added service designed to provide CAM-X members with feedback from an independent source on the soft skills that are an integral part of Quality Customer Service. As they may be subjective in nature these scores are NOT included in the evaluation of this call for the Awards Program but are intended for your information only.

Did the CSR sound engaged with the caller?     (Did the CSR sound appropriately concerned or compassionate or did they sound mechanical)

5 points – consistently engaged with the caller throughout the call

3 points – engaged with caller through part of the call

0 points – sounded mechanical or scripted


  • Did the CSR personalize by referring to the caller by name throughout the call

Referring to the caller by name can be:  first name, last name with Mr./ Mrs. / Ms, Doctor, Sir, Ma’am

5 points – referred to the caller by name once

0 points – did not refer to the caller by name

How would you rate the overall ‘impression’ the CSR left with the caller? (Did the CSR remain professional and interested at all times, leaving the caller to feel confident that their needs would be met?)

5 points – 100% confident needs would be met, CSR sounded professional, in control, and interested in the caller

4 points – Reasonably confident, CSR sounded professional for the most part, maintained control much of the time, and showed reasonable interest

3 points – Fairly confident, CSR sounded somewhat professional, maintained control some of the time, and demonstrated some amount of interest

0 points – Not confident, CSR sounded unsure of themselves, or lost professional edge, or did not appear to care