Mentoring Program

The overall mandate of CAM-X is predicated on education and networking. Whether you are interested in attending one of our bi-annual Coaching Clinics, annual Convention/Trade Show or participating in the monthly teleconferencing webinars, you will be awarded the opportunity to continuously update and educate your Supervisors and operators with the newest, most innovative technology available for today’s growing Call Centre/TAS industry.

CAM-X offers mentoring programs to those interested in keeping current with the ever changing rules and regulations pertinent to our industry. We pride ourselves on operating in a global arena with a family-based attitude. Our mandate has always been and will always continue to be based on education and communication.

CAM-X offers Mentoring Programs to those interested in receiving assistance or advice on participating in our Awards programs. Members with many years of experience in our programs can assist you by assessing the clients you submit, listening to your recordings and providing constructive criticism on how to achieve success in our Awards Programs.