Barbara Bradbury Pay It Forward Mentoring Award

Barbara Bradbury Mentoring Award

Paying It Forward

Application 2017   Deadline:  August 31, 2017

There are those who shine a light on others, helping them to see their strengths, picking them up when they falter, and encouraging them to find their inner greatness.

They teach by asking questions, and as a sounding board, they peel away layers of uncertainty to reveal a newfound level of confidence. By listening, they allow us to hear what’s in our hearts.

Their natural curiosity makes them hungry for knowledge while their passion for helping others drives them to share what they learn, asking nothing in return.

Through coaching, and by their actions, they challenge us to alter our way of thinking and the way we interact with world around us, inspiring us to grow as people and to reach our personal and professional goals.

This is a mentor.

Barbara Bradbury Mentoring Award Application 2017

Recipients of the Barbara Bradbury Pay It Forward Mentoring Award

 2016 Holvie Senosier

 Holvie says, “It was my honour and totally unexpected.  I attribute my success to the influences of my mother. She taught me to be respectful towards other people and that if I wanted something to be resilient and work hard for it.  The key is to always be yourself and to stay authentic so that people will respect and like you for who you truly are.  My continued life experience helps me to be a better person every day and I hope to show by example that each and every good action impacts one’s world, equally.

2015 Sharon Hamilton

Sharon says, “As the recipient of 2015’s Barbara Bradbury Pay It Forward Mentoring Award, I feel both humbled & proud. From the first time I met Barbara at a CAM-X supervisory session, I felt her love & enthusiasm for this industry of ours & the people within. She always works to connect with attendees on a personal level – listening, sharing, guiding.

To receive an award that honours Barbara’s contributions to our industry is truly an amazing feeling. Being nominated by my co-workers, makes the whole experience even more extraordinary. I truly cherish this award. I am very blessed.”

2014 Gail Smit

Gail says, “Barbara has been an amazing contribution to so many, including me; sharing her endless skills and providing coaching with such heart & friendship, which makes receiving an award in her name an incredible honour. Being acknowledged for making a difference truly means more than I can put to words and then sharing this moment with all my CAM-X mentors, the very people who have made such a difference in my life, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Accomplishments are rarely achieved alone so I would like to acknowledge the Re: Messaging Solutions Team for being the very best group of people I have ever had the privilege of working with”.

2013 Pat Vos

Pat says, “It is truly humbling, Looking at the award is a daily reminder to be the best I can be every day. This award, for me, is a gift of forgiveness and second chances…and for that I am most grateful.”