Hall of Fame

The CAM-X Hall of Fame was established by the Canadian Call Management Association in 2001 in order to recognize dynamic individuals whose leadership has had a positive impact on the evolution of the Telephone Answering Service and Call Centre Industry. The Hall of Fame celebrates inductees for their accomplishments, their vision, their leadership and their tireless efforts to promote support and protect our industry.


The CAM-X Hall of Fame Award is presented to an individual, company or organization that has made a significant contribution to CAM-X.

The individual, company or organization can be active in the industry, retired or deceased but should have made a significant contribution to CAM-X at some point during their association with CAM-X.

The individual, company or organization should be or have been a member of CAM-X or its predecessor (TAAC). This includes all member categories.

The CAM-X Board of Directors calls for nominations 4 months prior to the Annual CAM-X Convention.

An individual wishing to nominate a potential recipient for the CAM-X Hall of Fame Award is required to complete the proposed application.

The Board of Directors has established a Selection Committee comprised of 3 members, one of which is a Past President of the Association.

The Selection Committee is comprised of 3 members, one of which is a Past President of the Association. The Committee reviews all nomination applications and meets via conference call or in person to discuss and assess all applications and then vote to determine a qualified recipient.

The vote should be unanimous. There is only one recipient, annually, but it is not mandatory there be a recipient every year.

Past Recipients

Name City Years
Michael Leibowitz Charleston, SC 2017
Bill Tucker Halifax, NS 2015
Casey Smit Abbotsford, BC 2013
Donald William Craik Winnipeg, MB 2012
Barbara Bradbury Hamilton, ON 2011
Paul Lloyd Hamilton, ON 2009
Bill Curtin McFarland, WI 2008
Donald Swift London, ON 2007
Merrill Shulman Winnipeg, MB 2007
Linda Fettes Regina, SK 2005
George L. Leebosh Montreal, QC 2003
Patrick Assoignon Vancouver, BC 2002
Bill Doran Barrie, ON 2001
Hilton Lyons Brantford, ON 2001
Ted Moses Kitchener, ON 2001


Mothers of Invention

In 2004, the CAM-X Board of Directors decided to establish a specialized award for the “Mothers of Invention” in order to honor all the women who started telephone answering services from a zero base during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even well into the 70’s. Many of them literally “lived” with their businesses 24/7- operating out of a spare room in the home or even from a corner of their bedrooms.

When a Doctor’s phone rang in the middle of the night these pioneers of innovation would get out of bed, answer it, ensure the patients’ needs were forwarded to the appropriate physician, and then jump back in to bed. When the plumber’s line rang during dinner, everything stopped until it was confirmed that the plumber was contacted and dispatched to the problem area. One of these women was quoted as saying (when asked by her husband how her day went: “…this morning I helped deliver a baby, put out a fire, sell a house and unclog a toilet…and that was before my first coffee break”.

These “Mothers of Invention” felt that operating a Telephone Answering Service was the most important job in the world because of the hundreds of people they were able to help each day. They made huge sacrifices and were the true pioneers of our present day businesses. From these humble beginnings has grown many of today’s largest TAS/Call Centre enterprises.

Exclusive CAM-X Mothers’ of Invention Award

Name Years
Mary Anglesey 2004
Renie Baker 2004
Florence Blair 2004
Murielle Andreatini Bosse 2004
Gloria Brooker 2004
Barbara Clausen 2004
Doris (Dolly) Lloyd 2004